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21 October 2012

A Taste of Barnard Castle

I took a quick break this weekend up to the beautiful lands of Barnard Castle and surrounds. Got some great snaps that I'm going to share with you now. There is a real mixture... and that's just the way I like it! All photos were taken on my phone.

Advert for Lucile Ltd circa 1912
23, Hanover Square, London. W.

Pierre Julien (1731-1804)
Louis Fontanes (1757-1821), 1798
French school
Founders bequest S.101

NEW! chukka briefs
5 throwaway briefs - for MEN

DANGER - Slippery Surface

Halloween pot?

High Force Waterfall

J-Uke: Self Portrait 2012

Japanese Pot Cat

J-Uke Leaf Art


Lyre Guitar

Spanish School
Angel playing guitar or uke? It's got 6 tuners and 8 strings. Magic!

Miniature Electric Uke?

Trees in the mist


Silver Statue

The Famous Two-headed Calf!!!


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