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14 October 2012

A Taste of Bristol - The Stag!

Yep... I've been to Bristol again. This time it was in the name of impending marriage. Not mine, but that of a very good friend who I just don't see enough of. I think I must have visited every pub in the centre, but I'm not going to share any of those photos with you. Instead, here are a few of the more abstract snaps I took this weekend. All photos were taken on my phone...

Chilling in the lobby, checking the angles

Very muddy table football

The stag shines!

Walking boots

In memory of Thomas Williams...



  1. Hey King,
    Have you ever seen this clip?!

  2. I have Daz... and I don't think there's anything creepy about it at all. Talking of Korea... have you seen what they're up to across the border?

  3. RE:
    ".. have you seen what they're up to across the border?"

    Yes,I have,but there is one country that creeps me out more than those other two combined.-)