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28 October 2012

Into My Arms

Here's another outing for the Kingcaster Electric Ukulele. This time I butcher the fantastic Into My Arms by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I bought the CD single earlier in the week and I've been loving it ever since. It's a love song plain and simple... and a beautiful one at that.

"König Uke"
Here's some art-work by Thiago Medeiros
Thanks Thiago for letting me share this
You can see some of my own attempts below...

The original song is minimal, lead by the piano and vocals. I was wondering whether I could turn it into a ukulele version and keep that same "half-dressed" feel to it. I started out by playing the piano part on the uke but soon realised that I needed to simplify what I was playing. The learning, arrangement and recording was all done over 3 or 4 hours. As usual, I spent more time trying to get the bloody thing into a video and uploaded than I did playing it. I don't love the effects I chose - this might have sounded better acoustic.

I'm not much of a singer, but I had a go at rumbling out my best baritone for you. I think this was my second take and I called it quits at that. It's not as good as Nick, but I'm happy to do a collaboration any time he wants ;-)

King Uke - Drinks and Sings

Into My Arms Lyrics

King of Ukes

Into My Arms - Chord Tabs for Uke
Tuned low gCEA


  1. You took a gamble with
    'Into My Arms'.
    That song would have been as hard as diamonds to play,but you aced it with lots of heart,and I think you would make spades of cash on the ukelele club scene King.
    You might think that was all a pack of lies and that a Joker like me wouldn't know Jack,but I've got to hand it to ya King.You'll soon be playing full houses and maybe even a royal command performance for the Queen,and that's telling it to you straight.
    Hi 5's all round.

    And as far as anymore poker playing complements go,
    I'm bust.-)

  2. Well done Daz! I don't know how you managed all that without a mention of the Dead Man's Hand! Are you a Nick Cave fan? He's from your neck of the woods...

  3. RE:
    "Well done Daz! I don't know how you managed all that without a mention of the Dead Man's Hand!"

    I almost did put it in,but decided not to.
    I do have one or two Nick Cave albums in my CD collection,but I wouldn't say that I'm a big fan.
    I do like the movie "The Proposition"
    that he wrote,and you've reminded me to check out "Lawless" which he also wrote,and rent a copy of
    "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford",where he stars as the Bowery Saloon Singer.

  4. I'm about the same as you. When he hits the spot... he hits it hard. I might try and pick up a few of these films...

  5. Haha, awesome! Love your Kingz. The Nick Cave cover is awesome and I'm gonna try it soon!

  6. Great news Thiago! Can you sing? Let's do a duet version!!!

  7. I totally sing, King - How about some Smiths covers? If you send me the instrumentals, I'll dust the olde Shure 55 and crank out some vocals!

  8. This sounds like an offer I can't refuse! What song shall we start with?