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8 October 2012


That's it! I'm moving!

Well actually, the song is called Moving and the band is none other than the Von Ukes!

This is me and my kids belting out one of my all-time favourite Supergrass tunes. Don't expect this sort of thing to happen ever again... I'm surprised that they entertained the idea at all. It's not without mistakes or camera glitches. We made it to the end and that is enough.

If you couldn't tell, there's only one instrument: a soprano ukulele... this one in fact.

I'll stick you up the chords I'm playing later. What a way to start a Monday morning! Come on! Get moving...

Update: Here are the chords I'm playing on the uke...


  1. I don't know much about soprano ukuleles,but I thought you maybe were going to do a gangster rap tune or something like that with it.
    Anyway,good to see the Von Ukes grooving to mooving.
    Looks like you guys are nearly ready for X-Factor.-)

  2. Thanks Daz. I think this is what's referred to as a little rough around the edges. I was tempted to do a more produced electric uke version, but I reckon I'll just move on. Did you see what I did there? :-)

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