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14 October 2012

Waghorn Guitars

You might remember my trip to Bristol a couple of months ago. One of the places I'd spotted last time as I walked along the river front was a guitar shop by the name of Waghorn. Peering through the windows I could see a workshop, but even though I was desperate to have a look inside, I just didn't have the time. Oh no! I thought I'd missed my chance!

By some freakish coincidence, I found myself visiting Bristol again this weekend. Better still, it turned out that my hotel was a short stroll from Waghorn! Can you guess what happened next?

Waghorn Guitars - 1 Mill Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4AJ

I didn't have long, but I managed to find Waghorn on Saturday morning. I was a little disheveled and worse for wear from the night before, but I was determined to have a look around. The shop hadn't even opened. I could see people inside, so I was a bit cheeky and tapped on the window. Thankfully, I mustn't have scared them too much, because the guys let me in. Fantastic!

I met Tom Waghorn and he let me wander around and take a few snaps. It was a real pleasure talking with him and getting to see where he does his magic. Tom started out with mandolins and guitars, but pretty much concentrates on building custom guitars now. I loved the instruments he had on display. Looking back at my photos, I haven't got any of the finished product, just some of builds in progress. Check out the Waghorn website for some pictures or the Waghorn facebook page. Tom's a real craftsman and has made some beautiful instruments.

As much as I love instruments of all descriptions  you know that I simply LOVE workshops! Tom apologized for things being a bit of a mess, but you know what... everything looked just fine to me! Take a look at these...

Check out this body. Having just gone through the process of building my Kingcaster,
I know how hard this is to get right. Looking good!

And what about this then! Waghorn are open to building other people's designs too.
This is going to be a sort of harp-guitar. As you will probably guess, I did mention
ukuleles to Tom. He hasn't made any, but I don't think it would be out of the question
if he was approached. Tom says his biggest challenge is to keep up with demand
for his guitars. It's not hard to see why!


Work bench


Wood, bottles... and more bottles


  1. RE:
    " As much as I love instruments of all descriptions you know that I simply LOVE workshops! "

    I recently bought a DVD called
    "The Bunya Guitar" which I wrote a post about here on my blog -

    " The Bunya Guitar Project was initiated at the Bunya Dreaming Festival in 2010. A Bunya soundboard M225 Maton guitar was gifted to the festival through Dave Kirby Millers and Maton Guitar’s Australia. A competition was held at the Bunya Dreaming festival to win custodianship of the guitar for the next twelve months until the next Bunya Dreaming. "

    Half of the doco is about showing how Maton guitars are made at the Maton guitar factory in Melbourne.
    I think you would like this doco KU.

  2. I love the idea of a guitar that gets handed on year after year. I also like it that a 14 year old got it... so it'll probably get played every day of that year. I've been to Melbourne once - loved it. Though my last day was the hottest day ever: I bought a paper to sit outside and chill before my flight back to NZ. Even in the shade it was too hot; I had to go back inside to read it. I think you're right... I reckon I would like this doco!