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19 November 2012

The Electric Chair Podcast

Some of the more observant amongst you may have noticed that there are a few recurring themes that run through this blog of mine. One of them is zombies. Yep... the Living Dead. They can be sprinters, shamblers, dead, infected... it really doesn’t matter. Stick them in a bleak apocalyptic setting and I'm in my element. Dub it in Japanese, Spanish or Norwegian and I’ll buy you a pint. There really are no limits to how much shit I’ll wade through to find that little nugget of zombie goodness.

The Electric Chair Podcast

A long time ago before I'd even thought up this blog, I listened to a podcast by the name of the Midnight Podcast. It changed my life! I do believe that it was the first podcast I'd ever listened to... and it will be my last! At the helm was this cocky upstart by the name of Corey Graham. Each week he'd talk about zombies... and beer.... and music... and zombies. He'd review films I'd never heard of. He'd read books I could only dream of. There'd be interviews, news, competitions, voice-mails  hate mail... the works. There was never a dull moment. I was doing a lot of driving at the time with work, and I soon got into the habit of my weekly Corey fix. What Corey doesn't know about zombies really isn't worth knowing. I can’t say that we always see eye-to-eye on absolutely everything, but you know what? That's just fine with me. Ha ha. I am not worthy!

Midnight Corey - Zombies - Horror - Violence!

Fast-forward a couple of years and nothing much has changed... I'm still a huge fan. The podcasts have come and gone... usually ending in a ball of flames... but like the saying goes: you can't keep a good man down. Corey's latest incarnation is as the host of the brilliant Electric Chair podcast. The theme is more general Horror, but you still have many of the elements that made the original podcasts so compelling. As always, Corey is continually looking for new things to try. I don't know how he finds the time, but he’s now producing a video podcast too. My personal favourite at the moment is the new slot... Tales from the Electric Chair, where Corey dons his smoking jacket to recount tales of wonder and gore. Fantastic stuff! I love Corey's passion. It's infectious...

Zombie Ukulele

I knew that Corey was an accomplished musician. What I didn't realise until this week was that Corey also owns a ukulele! I’d like to say that it was my influence... but I doubt it. And there I was thinking that I'd cornered the market in horror-ukulele! Oh no! I’d better watch my back! Ha ha.

Talking of horror-ukulele... or should I say, zombielele... This week Corey did me the very great honour of playing one of my noisier ukulele tunes on the Electric Chair. Check out Episode 30. Do you remember the progressive metal tune I penned called Hellogram? Yep... that's the one! He's only gone and played it! Crazy fool! He also said some very kind words (of which only half are true). Thank you Corey.

Sent from Hell...

If you haven't already got the hint by now... you need to check out the Electric Chair. I've dotted links all over this post, but I’ll do it again to be sure:

Midnight Corey website 
The Electric Chair website 
The Electric Chair Google+ 
Corey Graham Google+

You really have no excuses...

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