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6 December 2012

100,000th Visitor

We're all a bit tearful here at the Ukulele Blog. Earlier today we welcomed our 100,000th visitor to the site. I've checked the records and the hit came in the early hours of the morning from a sleepy suburb of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

I immediately hopped on a plane to congratulate the winner.

Imagine my surprise when none-other than Thiago Medeiros answered the door. We drank a little, talked about tanajura, and I awarded Thiago a Ukulele Blog custom "dead hand" ukulele! What a wonderful guy!

Thank you Thiago.

Here's to another 100,000 visits!

Thiago Medeiros accepts his prize!


  1. He seems to have quite a fanatical following too.-)

  2. Thiago is a Brazilian God Daz! I've heard tales of him turning Handel's Water Music into Amy Wine-house.

  3. I'll bet I was really the 100,000th visitor,but the King just wanted to go to Rio rather than Brizvegas.
    I demand a recount,or at the very least a photo of a hot Brazilian...girl that is.
    With clothes that cover the Brazilian.
    We don't want this fine cultural site turning into just another cheap porn site like the Brisbane Broncos website.-)

  4. No recount needed... this is all legit...
    But yes... Rio does have a certain charm to it...
    You're being very specific with your photo requirements. Will a picture of this lovely tanajura do?
    Ha ha!

  5. Hey, awesome!! Many thanks to King Uke for the amazing Dead Hand uke, and thanks to all my faithful followers!

    We shall live by the words of the Book of Uke, drink caipirinhas and worship the tanajuras for life!

  6. This is more what I had in mind KU

    But,(pun intended)these young sprites would have sufficed as well -