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27 December 2012

Milk & Alcohol (2012)

I warned you fairly recently that there might be a collaboration with Bug407 in the pipeline. For those with a short memory, Bug is the musician behind Don't Take Life 2 Serious.

I'm pleased to say that it has happened!

Milk & Alcohol - Bug, Slowpaw & King Uke

The tune we settled on is a cover of one of my favourite bands: Dr Feelgood. Watch Bug's fantastic video below to hear us ripping up the classic Milk and Alcohol...

The collaboration happened over Dropbox which is a first for me. Each of us had our own local folders that we could stick files into and Dropbox kept everything in sync. It couldn't have been easier! Bug was Master of Ceremonies and takes the credit for the final mix.

Special thanks to Slowpaw Steve for providing the drums. I added bass, a couple of guitars and electric uke. Bug sings. I think both Bug and I had plans for a more esoteric ukulele version, but what we've ended up with is a rock-out bomb-blast! Ha ha. There'll be other songs, I'm sure ;-)

Milk and Alcohol - Dr Feelgood

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