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26 December 2012

Old Lang Syne on the Clifton Ukulele

I made a post on my son's new ukulele yesterday and +Thiago Medeiros asked for a demo. Ever one to please, here's a video. Given that we're almost at the end of the year, I figured that I'd do a version of Old Lang Syne for you. It's the first time I've tried the webcam on my new laptop and to be honest, the sound is pretty poor. It's also the first time that I've tried to play this tune. :-D

J-Uke tried his Clifton uke out for size

Below the video I've added in the words and chords so that you can play along...

The Clifton is tuned to a-d-f#-b as recommended in the instruction manual that came with the uke. There are about a million different variations on the words, but below is what I sing (although not in this video). And don't expect all the chords I play to be exactly as you might see elsewhere... these are my chords ;-)

Should [G] old acquaintance [D5] be forgot, and [G] never brought to [C] mind
Should [G] old acquaintance [D] be forgot, for [C] old lang [G] syne
For [G] old lang [D5] syne, my dear, for [G] old lang [C] syne
We'll [G] take a cup of [D] kindness yet, for [C] old lang [G] syne

 Have a happy and safe New Year!


  1. I think that from now on you should write an original New Years Song as well as a original Christmas song King.

    Then if you jump that hurdle,how about a original Chinese New Year song...but you can sing it in English,if you want to .-)

  2. I've never considered writing a new year song before Daz (although there's still time!)

    But before I do that, I need to do all 27 verses of Waltzing Matilda. ;-P

    Actually, my next song is going to be a cover of a song by

    I'm going to sing it in Italian... but not in any form of Italian you might have heard before ;-)

  3. My Italian consists mainly of swear words,so I hope that you're right about that comment.-)

    Hey,King check out these comments I left before and after Christmas at a blog I read a bit -

    I forgot that her last name was Tulk-Snow :-)

  4. Ha ha... thank you Daz.
    I don't know if I told you, but when I lived in NZ, my summer holiday for a two or three years was to take the family to the Gold Coast. It has special memories for me. We would stop in and around Surfers. The flight was into Coolangatta and we would head north. I can't remember going south to Byron Bay, but right this second, I wish I had! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

  5. You really should have headed south...but Surfer's is OK too.

    If you start writing a lot of songs,you might have to start thinking of changing your name from King Uke to King Song.-)