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16 December 2012

Party Time Inflatable Ukes

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to ensure that you've got your Christmas list in order. Need some ideas for that special someone in your life? Struggling to come up with the perfect idea for your Secret Santa? Have I got the thing for you!

Hawaiian Guitars? They look more
 like ukes to me..

This week I added four new ukes to my growing collection. Unlike all of my other ukes, these ones need to be blown-up before playing! They're billed as Party Time Inflatable Hawaiian Guitars.... but make no mistake... these are ukes! My daughter E-Uke helped me to set them up and write a review for you. Check out the grand unboxing video...

Party ukes come in four different colours: radiant red, hula blue, frog green and E-Uke's favourite: banana-banana yellow. They're a lot larger than we were expecting... definitely Tenor or Baritone scale. Each have floral Hibiscus patterns with four strings printed on the front. Very Hawaiian!

♪ ♫ All I want for Christmas is uke... ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪

As you can see from all the pictures, we've had a lot of fun larking about with the ukes since they arrived. E-Uke says that they're a lot easier to play than real ukes. They will definitely be making an appearance at our next Beach Party.

Display your uke with pride!

If you're after one of these funky little ukes then check out the Silly Jokes shop. They're selling them for £1.75 each + £2.95 postage. But get this... if you you spend £40... postage is free! Ha ha! You know what to do!

E-Uke bangs out a Christmas Number:
"Rocking around the Christmas tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL"

Here they are compared to E-uke's tiny soprano uke :) 

And finally... Be sure to look after your inflatable ukes "for many
years of trouble free enjoyment"... 

Anyone for a cocktail?


  1. This is just what I need,because I'm pretty good on the air guitar,so this should be right up my ally.
    I see "The Silly Joke Shop" also sell blow up saxophones and guitars as well,so you could form your own blow up band.
    Although try touring and you could be in for some trouble at airports explaining that you were a member of a blow up band.-)

  2. I was trying to kill two birds with one stone by buying a blow up uke and trying to get free postage by seeing if I could buy a Brisbane Bronco jersey as a present for my wife.
    But "The Silly Joke Shop" don't seem to sell Bronco jerseys.
    You would think this item would be their biggest seller,if they stocked it,wouldn't you?-)
    Oh,well looks like I'll have to pay the postage:-(

  3. You know what Daz? I don't think that there has ever been an air-guitar collaboration. Are you up for it? I'll provide the instruments... ;-)

  4. I only play the air guitar anonymously.
    So I don't want my cover blown...
    or blown up for that matter.-)