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25 December 2012

Pickmaster Plectrum Cutter

I saw a Slam Pickmaster in a shop in Launceston this summer and convinced myself that though incredibly cool, I could live without one. You see, I only use Jim Dunlop nylon plectrums. They don't break. Short of losing them, they will last me forever.

Look what I got for Christmas!

Pickmaster by Slam Designs

E-Uke: What do you call those things you strum guitars with?
King Uke: Plectrums.
E-Uke: They should be called plucktrums because you pluck with them, not pleck.

"Tired of losing picks and paying too much to replace them? Personalise
your playing by making your own plectrums with the Pickmaster. This
cunning tool not only recycles packaging and safely destroys old
cards, it will also save you time and money... Pickmaster is essential
to any guitarist's kit bag. Cuts plastic up to 1mm thick."

Here's my first go with the Pickmaster. I punched a plectrum out of the
box the Pickmaster came in. The plastic is fairly thin brittle stuff and
punched easily. The cut is clean and the end result looks good.
The only problem is that the plectrum is almost impossible to see.
I've put it down and lost it already!

I dug out a credit card-type piece of plastic for my next trial. It was
quite difficult to punch... even for someone as strong as me :-)
 Squeezing hard, there was a loud ping and everyone ducked
as the plectrum shot across the room and stuck in the wall.
(not all of that last sentence is true)

The Pickmaster can only cut 1mm thickness. This is the limit of the actual
slot you feed the stock into, so there's no way round it. Here you can see
that I cut two leather plectrums out of an old guitar strap, and having
stuck them together, I've managed to make a pretty good leather ukulele
plectrum! If only I used plectrums when playing my ukuleles. :-)
Ha ha! Brilliant. There must be more things I can make plectrums out of...

And that's where my trial has finished. I can't find any more plastic! I did have a go with cardboard and can confirm that this cuts fine. Unfortunately cardboard plectrums are about as much use as tits on a bull. Having made a leather plectrum I did wonder whether it would be possible to make a felt one using the same technique. Unfortunately I haven't got any felt to try with. Foiled! Foil? No... that would just be silly...

Merry Christmas!

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