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1 December 2012

Sin City Headhunters

In the same week that I learnt that my mum has joined a biker gang (yep, you heard me right!), I happened to be rifling through my hard disk and came across a few pictures that had me chuckling to myself. Some of these I've shared with you before. Some are brand new. Let's see if I can make sense of all this... There is a bit of a sync going on here...

Sin City Headhunters

It all started with the Sin City
Headhunters. About a year ago I got
embroiled in a group on Google+ that 
were creating Sin City-style art.
I did a load myself. One of the
themes I developed was this
idea of the Headhunters
, and
this was their logo. I used this
exact image as my profile picture
for a while.

Headhunters became a bit of a brand that started appearing all over
the place... like in this picture. Hey hold on a second... wouldn't this
make a great t-shirt! Yep, that's what I was thinking too...

I toyed with the idea of getting myself a t-shirt
printed with the logo. Here was the design...

You can see here that I've only gone and done it! I was going through my Lego-head
Phase, but that smile is unmistakable...

It wasn't long before I was to be seen wearing my new t-shirt out and about in public.
Here you can see me chilling in a pub...

We all know what pubs serve. Yep... I invented a range of ale named
after my beloved Headhunters.
"Headhunter Ale - Gives you Fangs"...

I can't take the credit for this t-shirt. Sometimes things
look wrong from different angles. I want you to hold
this thought...
Picture from:

"Headhunter Ale - Making Beards Grow Since 2012"

If you add Headhunters and Ale together, you're bound to end up with tattoos.
I kidded on that this was my latest tat earlier on this year. Actually, it is a photoshop
of my bro's tat. It's grown a bit since this picture was taken, but I shopped his
original picture and stuck the Headhunter logo over the top.
This is what he could have had!

While I'm on tats... here's a picture of two of my favourite Argentinian
pals... Shankti Oviedo and Diego Maradona.
Oh Diego... you crazy fool!

My bro owns a tattoo gun. There was a time where he and his pals
would drink lots and then decide to ink themselves. Ha ha... how could
this not be a fantastic idea? Better still, he happened to share with
me some snaps of their handiwork. Brilliant! This is Art of the highest

Self portrait?

Here's my favourite of the lot! Stars are very popular at the moment for tattoos. I
think the mistake here was to do the tattoo himself. Perhaps it looks more symmetrical
from above? If I get a tat, then it will surely be one like this! The star in the middle
reminds me a bit of Spongebob Square Pants. Beautiful! Ha ha! If this is your
tattoo then I salute you!

Update: Found one more... Here I am in my Bruce Lee coat!

Bruce Lee - honorary member of the Sin City Headhunters


  1. Re:
    "Stars are very popular at the moment..."

    When I was in high school at about the age of 15 I used to draw small stars on the web between my thumb and forefinger.I liked the look so much that I went to a tattooist (with my older brother's birth-certificate)and had him go over it with a tattoo gun.
    I liked it,but it was a six-pointed star,because that was the only one I could draw that looked symmetrical.
    Unfortunately everybody I ran into took it to be a
    "Star of David",even though mine was coloured in orange and would ask me if I was Jewish
    (which I was,but I thought they were talking about religion,more than race and as I'm not a religious Jew,or an Israeli citizen) and I found this confronting trying to explain what I was to them,so I thought I had better get it removed before I ran into a pack of rabid Nazis one day and they removed it for me
    (this was before I worked at IKEA...speaking of rabid Nazis.-)
    So I had it surgically removed bty a Jewish doctor ironically...who seemed a little disappointed that I was getting it taken off.
    I have a scar there now,and sometimes wonder how my life would have turned out if I had left it there.
    Having two other tattoos,my advice would be to think about the tattoos you plan on making perminent...they aren't easy to remove...before inking them on.

  2. And seeing your plastic surgery above has put me off getting any work done on my face...unless those heads pop off,that is,and are interchangeable .-)

    Do they come in other

  3. Headhunter Ale...
    drink responsibly,
    without losing your head!

    There's a tag for your ale charge.-)


  4. Wow! These syncs just keep rolling Daz! Back when I had a dad, I remember him going through this phase where he was learning a martial art. I can't remember the name of the particular style he was learning, but one of its symbols was a swastika. I joked with him that if he got good enough, would he get it tattooed on his forehead? That went down like a lead balloon. Everything is about perspective. You may see things one way... someone else may see things completely the other. That's life! Yesterday I ran into a young man who has seen fit to tattoo what looked like Leeds United shields onto each of his cheeks. There's only one way he's ever going to cover those up if he ever decides it was a bad judgement call... Yep... Robot Yoko Ono!

  5. And the heads only come in yellow and black...