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23 December 2012

Snow (2012)

In recent years I've started a Christmas tradition of writing and recording original Christmas songs. I surprise myself each year with the results. I'm onto my third year. In all cases, the songs are put together and laid down in a matter of hours... The first year's entry was started and finished on Christmas Eve!

Remember this guy?

This Christmas I thought that I might have left it too late; I've been so busy that I didn't think that I'd magic up the time. Even so, I sent a message to +Daniel Hulbert to see if he was up for a collaboration and I'm pleased to say that he was! I think that this was exactly what I needed to help me to get this in bag. Thank you Daniel you crazy talented ukulele-making machine! I really hope that we can create some more music together.

This year's song is called "Snow" and is an atmospheric almost sad number written for ukulele. Daniel and I have augmented it with all sorts of other instruments and I'm really pleased with the end result. What's it about? It can be about anything you want ;-) The arrangement is very simple and one I think I would love to hear played by a full orchestra with sweeping strings. So if you are part of an orchestra with a penchant for quirky Christmas tunes... you know what to do!

Here's the video...

As is customary, I've also quickly stuck down the lyrics and a hint at the chords...

Update 19-Jul-2103: I've stuck Snow up on SoundCloud for you...

In case you're curious, here are the Christmas songs from previous years:

2011 - Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a rocky little guitar number that'll knock your Christmas socks off.

And here is a re-recording of the song that started it all off... the haunting "Message of Christmas". Forgive the duff note in the chorus... I'm no singer :-D

2012 - The Message of Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone out there in internet-land from the Ukulele Blog!


  1. Your songs about snow gave me shivers KU .-)
    Oh,well back to my stinking Aussie heat and Merry Christmas to you and all the other Ukes in the King Uke household.
    Cheers,and I'm going to repost your Xmas songs on my blog in a bid to launch you into mega stardom and knock Psy's billion hits on You Tube record out of orbit
    (that joke would have worked better if Psy was North Korean instead of South Korean.-) .

  2. I was forgetting that you haven't experienced snow before Daz ;-)

    Either have we this Christmas... so far... just miserable rain. Talking of Psy... I was doing Gangnam Style last night. I didn't know I had it in me... but I can confirm that I certainly do! :-D Ha ha! "ooo sexy lay-dee" Merry Christmas to all the sync-heads in Oz and especially to you Daz and your family. Have a great one. I will be posting you 42 christmas cards shortly, each of a beautiful kingfisher. Make of that what you will ;-)

  3. Re:
    "Merry Christmas to all the sync-heads in Oz".

    I'll tell the other one.-)

    I just saw on the Telly that a surfing (surfing in England???)shop in Devon got flooded.
    You might want to get a few snorkel's off him just in case,and make sure that blow-up Uke is handy ?-)

  4. You and your bloody syncs! Snow... surfing... unseasonal... check this out...
    Surfer girl Skye Zentz... brrrr...

  5. At least Skye will be able to make a Snow Jellyfish.
    Wow! Snow Jelly fish.
    I think I've just stumbled across a new Christmas dish for an Aussie Christmas dessert.
    Jellyfish made out of jelly and topped with coconut shavings.

    When you bring them out,you tell the people you're serving them to
    "make a wish jellyfish" and then they proceed to eat them.
    Then they review their wish afterwards and realize that they need that wish back because now they wish that they hadn't of eaten it to begin with.-)

  6. Actually,I'm not sh!##ing you here,I really like this Christmas song of yours.I'm going to get my son to set up his big screen projector and play it to all the revelers at the family Xmas party tomorrow night.
    By the time I get through my Guinness bottles I'll probably be doing karaoke to this song...sorry King,but at least you won't be able to hear or see me when I'm doing it.-)

  7. Now this is funny.
    I was just thinking that I could see Troy Cassar-Daley

    signing this song at Christmas time and on he comes on the TV singing a Christmas song.
    I am not making this up.
    I had no idea this guy was going to be singing on the TV.
    Now his wife is singing a song
    (she is/was a DJ on a Brisbane radio station).
    I have a funny story to tell one day about meeting them while they were shopping at a Swedish furniture store that I used to work at.

    Life is so weird.

  8. You have the greatest parties Daz! If I pack my jandles now, I can hopefully be there in time for the Guinness and snow jelly. But I'll leave the singing to you ;-) Ha ha. I wonder if Troy would be up for a collaboration? We could go on tour together... but I'll maybe insist on my own trailer...

  9. Maybe you could let Keith tag along too?-)!

  10. There's always room for a Kiwi on tour Daz! Nice touch the rugs on stage. I think when me Keith and Troy get together it will be rocking-chairs, cardies and pipes all round! It's funny you should pick this video as someone has made the comment that Rod Stewart wrote "People Get Ready". You famously said you didn't like Rod Stewart. Just as well really, because he didn't write this song... Curtis Mayfield did and he's way cooler... or at least he was... RIP

  11. Hey King,check out the update to my COLEman SYNC post -

    How freaky is that?