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7 December 2012

Who'd Win?

As if we needed reminding... Intolerance is alive and well and it lives on the Internet. People get a bee in their bonnets about the smallest of things and before you know it, everything's been escalated out of control and it's handbags at dawn. I usually keep a safe distance... usually... ;-)

Who'd Win... Zombies versus Vampires?

About 6 months ago I was bored out of my mind and in search of a little sport. I invented a game called "Who'd Win?" in which I posed a number of hypothetical questions using the medium of pictures. I was hoping to shake some life into the G+ community with my ground-breaking social experiment (Speaking of G+ Communities - there's an idea destined for failure).

My game wasn't a new concept, but I tweaked it especially for Google+. One by one, I posted my pictures on-line and waited for the comments to roll in. Then, gauging the mood, I played Devil's advocate and argued against whatever seemed to be the popular stand-point. My pictures and comments got more and more absurd and provocative as the night went on. It is possible that there was alcohol involved.

The game was a minor success, but I haven't seen fit to repeat the exercise. Here are the pictures I posted. Now remember that this was all a bit of fun. Don't make me regret this. I don't want you to go bringing any Intolerance to my blog... I'll not tolerate it!

But tell me... Who'd win?

Who'd win... Ninja versus Pirate?

Who'd win... Shark versus Crocodile?

Who'd win... Judo versus Kung Fu?

Who'd win... The Rock versus Arnie?

Who'd win... Oddjob versus Alex?

Who'd win... Cobol versus C#?

Who'd win... Bacteria versus Virus?

Who'd win... Beer versus Wine?

Who'd win... My Arse versus Your Face?

Who'd win... Christian versus Muslim?

Update: I hope that this isn't in poor taste... but Daz... Who'd win?

Who'd win... Freedom versus IKEA?


  1. Answers :

    1. Zombies.
    With Julia Gillard as the Vampire Queen -
    the zombies are bound to have more brains than her army of suckers.-)

    2.Pirates,cause they have guns as well as swords.

    3.Sharks...even thoughthey aren't so good at winning at football.
    Go The Sharkies!!!

    4.Judo might throw down a challenge,but Kung Fu would eventually kick it's a#se.

    5.The Rock.Cause Arnie is just a big poser.

    6.Alex. Even Oddjob would have to take his hat off to Alex.

    7.I have no idea what these things are,so I have not a clue who would win...or a care for that matter.-)

    8.I would imagine the virus,because my computer has never been hit with a bacteria,but a virus has the potential to start WWIII if it hacks into my computer and uses the codes I stole from the Pentagon.-)

    9.Beer. Cause wine fights like a girl.

    10.This may have to be declared a Stalemate...or is that something else I can smell?

    11.The Jews. Our strategy has always been to let them wipe each other out.Then we win by default.

  2. Ha ha... I'm kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner... but I've added a last minute addition to the post just for you!

  3. That's easy.
    Because IKEA would get lost up it's own a#se and then FREEDOM would kick it.
    Which sounds a bit like my
    Judo v Kung Fu answer,but I'm into recycling...well that's the BS I'm spinning,just like IKEA do.-)

    Go FREEDOM!!!

  4. Hey King,
    do you think you could Photoshop a monkey in an IKEA uniform,similar to this monkey?

    You might be able use the uniform in this post?