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4 January 2013

Monster School by King Uke

Today the kids were tasked with cleaning up their rooms. Look what my daughter E-Uke uncovered! I can't remember when I did this.

This is a small comic I created starring my son J-Uke. He has never been a fan of school and I guess this was a way of cheering him up. I know that I'm biased, but I think I did a pretty good job! This is actually stapled together in a tiny comic... You have to turn the pages to read it! What a pro!

I showed it to J-Uke just now and he can't remember it from the first time round. BUT... Even he says it's pretty good and you know what a harsh critic he is! I feel a bit like J K Rowling... only with a beard. Ha ha. Enjoy...


  1. Not bad at all.
    I expect I might see you at the next Byron Bay Writer's Festival amongst all the children's authors then ?

    Kind of reminds me of
    Kate Miller-Heidke's song
    "Monster" -

    Maybe you could do a uke cover using the pictures ?

  2. You beat me to this Daz. As I posted this I was listening to my ipod and guess what came on?
    There's something going on here and it's bigger than both of us...

  3. And I would love to visit the Byron Bay Writer's Festival... How on earth am I going to make this happen?

  4. Become a children's book author.
    Apparently that's where the money is in the book scene,if you are good enough.
    Check out this post I did about children's books -

    See you in August then.-)

  5. Just read it Daz and I don't think I can compete :-)
    "See you in August". Not this year... I'll be in America!