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9 February 2013

He's my Brother! - King Uke

I'm feeling a bit rebellious today. Just like Grant Morrison... I want to start a revolution!

This post is a celebration of all the good there is in the world and a poke in the eye to all the bad. Money doesn't make the world go round... people do. To all my brothers and sisters who are doing amazing things with virtually nothing.... I salute you!

Sotho Sounds

My good friend +Daniel Hulbert put me on to an inspirational video this week that shows what can be done with a little bit of old-fashioned get-up-and-go. The video has been shared by a fantastic bunch of musicians hailing from Malealea in Lesotho, a country completely surrounded by South Africa. As with too many countries around the world, Poverty is a big problem in Lesotho. Sotho Sounds are showing that it isn't a barrier to creating music and lifting the Human spirit!

Here's how Sotho Sounds describe themselves:
Sotho Sounds are funky shepherds from the Kingdom of Lesotho who have quite literally invented their own music, crafted their own instruments and now continue to follow their own mission -- turning junk into funk.

Check this out...

Watching this video, I couldn't help but be reminded of a post I did in December. I see that the video I shared then has now disappeared. Here's another post of that same video. It's of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay and the inspirational work they are doing to bring hope through music to underprivileged children in  Paraguay.

More power to my Paragayan brothers and sisters!

Finally, you may remember some time back that I was getting quite emotional about the Marginal cause. Marginal are a punk band from Jakarta, Indonesia who have taken it upon themselves to help the street kids of Jakarta using the immense power of Ukulele.

Check this video out for the lowdown...

A couple of years ago I spent some time with +Julian Davies at +Electric Ukulele Land dreaming up ways that we could help Marginal out. We had thought of putting together a ukulele charity CD to see if we could raise some cash, but more importantly, we wanted to somehow raise awareness and let people know who Marginal are and what they're doing. I am embarrassed to say that the CD never got off the ground. I DID write a song for it though and I'm going to share the demo of it with you now.  It's an attempt at some angry punk on an acoustic ukulele. For those who are interested, it's played on my Stagg. If you work for Stagg and are reading this.... why don't you send the guys some ukes for their project? Go on! Make a difference!


  1. We have a poor country right next to ours and a fantastic bunch of musicians came across the ocean in a leaky boat with their home made instruments and even named their band after the poor conditions growing up in their third world country.
    You may have even heard of them in the UK(e) King?
    They go by the name of "Crowded House".-)

  2. Ha ha. I have in deed heard of them. Aren't they the only famous Kiwis that Australia haven't claimed yet? ;-)

  3. They are Australian KU,they live in Melbourne now...poverty is only a distant memory to these poor boat people.-)