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2 February 2013

King Uke Doll Set

So it turns out that it's my birthday today! Look at the present my daughter E-Uke gave me! It's my very own King Uke Doll Set! Ha ha... BRILLIANT! A lot of work has gone into this. I love it! Check out the photos. And remember... this is not available in stores...

King Uke Character Set

P.Uke Character with Soprano Uke

King Uke Doll + P.Uke Doll
Comes with Baritone + Soprano Uke

King Uke Character with Baritone Uke
See the Ukulele Blog 'Dead Hand' ukulele in the background!

King Uke Doll Set
Not in stores near you... NOW!
See the crown in the background behind P.Uke!

King Uke Doll Set
"Not appropriate for any age"
Ha ha ha!


  1. Happy Birthday King.
    Those dolls are sick (I mean that in a good way)
    especially that PUke doll .-)

  2. Thanks Daz. I'm catching up with you ;-)

  3. They are awesome! Truly creative daughter you have there!!!

  4. Thanks Lisa. She is isn't she! But I would say that ;-)