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8 February 2013

Knife by King Uke & Pancho (2013)

About a month ago I hinted at a possible musical collaboration with my favourite Roman... Daniele "Pancho" Bianchini of Pancho & Los Dorados Band. This is the same Pancho that I wrote about last year after he released an EP called Appunti di Viaggio ("Travel Notes").

Wanted: King Uke & Pancho

Since then I’ve been getting back into recording and rediscovering my love of acoustic music. I released a spate of ukulele songs over the Christmas period amongst which was a song by Enzo e il Cattivo Tempo called Ancora un Pò. I sang the entire song in a very ancient dialect of Italian. Ha ha... that was a lot of fun! I think Enzo and the rest of Sicily are still laughing at my accent. :-D

Whilst listening to Appunti di Viaggio quite recently I began to wonder if Pancho might be up for a collaboration. I dropped him a line and waited to hear back. The great news was that he was more than up for it! We started to talk about what we were going to do and how we were going to do it. I knocked together a quick idea to test out file sharing and we both agreed that it had a Spaghetti Western-type feel to it. Immediately we realised that we'd found our genre! The theme was to be "Outlaws!"

Ever since then I've been firing ideas through to Pancho. My second idea grabbed both of our imaginations and we have now worked it into a full song. In the original demo my slide guitar reminded me of someone sharpening a knife on a whetstone and so I christened the song "Knife-thrower Blues". Over time, as we've developed it, the title has been shortened to "Knife".

"Knife" - King Uke & Pancho

I still view the recording as being a demo of sorts; I would love to re-record the vocals and uke, and play around with the levels a bit more. ;-) The danger is that I'll ruin it by over-fettling... so I won't for now. Pancho has suggested that we release an EP, so that is probably what we'll end up doing. I can't wait!

In case you’re wondering: "Knife" tells the tale of a Desperado's final hours. Unrepentant, he is resigned to his fate. He does not fear Death because he believes he has nothing to lose. However, as the time of Judgement draws near he suddenly realises that he will never see his "true love" again and is heart-broken.

How sad!

I "sing" the verses in English and Pancho adds a beautifully haunting chorus in Italian. All of the mistakes are mine. You will hear rhythm guitar, slide guitar, soprano uke, bass, organ and harmonica tracks all melded together in a very minimal way. I’m very happy with it. Please let me and Pancho know what you think.... good or bad... We'd love to hear!

Update: Pancho has written a post on his blog for our debut song. Check that out and be sure to drop him a comment. Tell him King Uke sent you.... ;-)


  1. Re:
    "I think Enzo and the rest of Sicily are still laughing at my accent."

    Well,it's either a hit with them,or there is going to be a hit on you.-)

    I'm going to print some of those wanted posters and plaster them on telephone poles around the area,which will either cause curiosity for your collaboration,or get you guys arrested.-)

  2. I reckon it'll scare the neighbours...


  3. King Uke, besides being an excellent blogger is a very good musician! He has made arrangements of music and has created a unique atmosphere! Great King Uke!

  4. How much are you paying El Pancho to write comments like that King ?-)

  5. For a very modest fee I'll do the same for you Daz! Thank you Pancho! Ha ha. All Hail the Ukulele! I feel like changing the world at the moment. Which government shall we topple first?

  6. Your image is all over Brisbane KU.

    But don't worry,your hideout won't be revealed by me,no matter what these people threaten to do to my speakers.-)

  7. Brilliant! I got your back mate! (yep, I'll be staying right behind you...) ;-)

  8. Love it..soundtrack in the making.

  9. All we need now is a film maker! Oh yeah... and to finish the EP! Thanks Anon!

  10. Thanks twisted soda. Song 3 is in the works!