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26 February 2013

Outlaw by King Uke & Pancho (2013)

The time is finally here. I can now reveal the second song in my collaboration with Daniele "El Pancho" Bianchini! Hurrah!

The Mystery of King Uke & El Pancho

For those stumbling across this for the first time, I’ll remind you that Daniele and I have decided to change the world by recording an EP. The challenge has been that I am in the UK and Pancho is in Italy. No problem! Using the power of the internet, there are no barriers of geography or language! We are one!

The theme we have chosen for this project is "Outlaws" and our intention is to create music in the spirit of the classic Western films. Check out our first song... the heart-wrenching "Knife". Then, why don't you have a listen to the new one below? The follow-up is a tune that I have simply called "Outlaw".

King Uke & Pancho - Outlaw

With "Knife" we left our hero at the moment of his impending death, distraught at the sudden realisation that he would never see his "true love" again. How sad! I now know that "our hero" is in fact me. :-D

"Outlaw" takes us back to an earlier time. It tells the tale of King Uke (that's me) and my brother El Pancho (that’s Daniele) leaving our home to seek our fortunes out West. Unfortunately, things do not go well; A poker game ends in disaster as the Sheriff loses his life and Pancho and I are forced to escape to Mexico. This song finds me in exile longing for the life I have left behind high in the mountains.

King Uke & Pancho

Judging my the picture above, the next part of the story may be about how I was captured and drugged by local Mexican tribesmen hoping to collect the reward on my head. If so, I will tell you of how my brother El Pancho joined up with local bandits and came to rescue me. Watch this space!

I've had a lot of fun doing artwork for this collaboration. I love how this is unraveling. Both the music and the artwork are conspiring to push the story forward. One picture in particular that I love is a Maigritte-inspired mash-up that I call the Mystery of King Uke and El Pancho. I hope that these songs will eventually solve this mystery.

Here's a sneak peak...
Song three may well be called "Bad Blood".
Stick two hands up if you want to hear this song!

Let's talk music...

On this song you'll hear two acoustic guitars: one rhythm and one lead (doubled up here and there). Pancho and I share the vocal duties and if you listen really hard you might just pick up a shaker deep in the mix. And that's about it! It's very minimal, but I think it has a surprisingly full sound. The lyrics are again a mixture of English and Italian, because that's the way Pancho and I like it! I'm responsible for the final mix and I don't mind admitting that I really found it hard getting all the levels just the way I wanted them. I hope I didn't bugger it up too much. Let us know what you think.

Okay, okay... I know I'm talking too much. This always happens when I get excited! ;-)

Here's the song...


  1. great song! more please.makes me wish I was sippin' some tequila from a dirty glass with a hair in it..

  2. I didn't realize that you guys were still on the run.I'll have to put those wanted posters back up on the telephone poles.-)

  3. Thank you Anon. I'm glad Pancho and me aren't the only ones feeling this! I've got the notion that the next song is going to be angry! Oooh Can't wait. And Pancho's talking about dusting off his uke too! Ha ha... you might not want to be around when this all kicks off!

    Daz - They keep pulling the posters down and replacing them with new ones... with bigger numbers! :-O

  4. I've got to say King that your hands are dead ringers for
    Ray Manzarek's hands.

  5. Hey King,
    I saw this over at Kickstarter and thought about you,since you've been wearing that Viking helmet lately.

    Although the way you win in this game may sound a little scary for someone that goes by the name of King Uke.-)

    WINNING: After you have knocked out all of the opponent’s kubbs, go straight for the King!
    The first team to knock over the King wins!

  6. No Daz - that game mustn't be made! :-O

  7. Just to reinforce that last comment Daz...
    I'm spotting a disturbing trend on the internet today...