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31 March 2013

Sharkfin Ukulele - On Fire!


I got left on my own this weekend; The wife and kids went away and left me all alone! As much as I love them dearly, I'll admit that I've really enjoyed a little bit of me-time! Ha ha. I haven't left the house once! No, I tell a lie, I went to the shop on Saturday... when I ran out of beer! :-D

Actually, I think I might be suffering from a little bit of Cabin Fever... I can't seem to keep my mind on anything at the moment...

Let's hope that this little guy made it back to his family...

Hoboing My Way Back Home (2013)

At the end of last year I talked to you about Mr 407Bug. We'd met as a result of me joining Cigar Box Nation. You'll remember that I'd had the audacity to join this group dedicated to cigar box guitars without ever actually having built one myself... and sadly, I still haven't. I hope to remedy this situation in the Summer. I have in my possession a tiny Kings Six cigar box. If I can finish the Sharkfin then the CBG is a strong contender for my next project.

BTW - I don't know what's going on, but take a look at my Cigar Box Nation home page... What a godawful mess! Ha ha! You'd think I was half mad! One day when I'm clever, I will fix it.

407Bug - Hoboing My Way Back Home

27 March 2013

Bad Blood (2013)

The journey is coming to an end. Regular readers of this blog will know for the last couple of months that I have been working on a musical collaboration with my Italian friend and ally, the wonderful Daniele Bianchini. We have immersed ourselves in the memories of the classic Italian Western films to tell tales of bravery, foolishness and high jinks. It's been fantastic! Thank you Pancho!

King Uke & Pancho - Bad Blood
"I was born with a bullet in my hand"

24 March 2013

The Gold-Bug (1843)

Today's post is one more and perhaps my final entry chronicling my obsession with the Golden Scarab and my inevitable descent into madness. Earlier this week I was looking for something to read. In a funk of boredom, I hopped onto Amazon and searched through the many Public Domain books they have in their catalogue. Having half-heartedly downloaded a whole heap of "stuff", I opened only one book...

"Amenhotep... Akhenaten... Nefertiti... Tutankhamun..."
The Scarab is infecting the Uke Household.
See this wonderful sculpture that J-Uke brought
home earlier this week!

The book that tickled my fancy was The Works of Edgar Allan Poe - Volume 1. As I flicked through to the Contents my eyes opened as I spotted a story called "The Gold-bug". Could this be what I thought it might be... another slant on the golden scarab? There was only one way to find out.

15 March 2013

Far North Ukuleles

Not too long ago you might remember that I did a post on Ukulele Russ. We ended up talking about all sorts of things, but of course there was a fair bit of uke-talk too. I discovered that Russ is sponsored by Far North Ukuleles which is run by Tom Parse.

Tom Parse of Far North Ukuleles

10 March 2013

Ukulele Russ

This post is one that I've been looking forward to writing for a while now. Today the topic of conversation in none other than Alaska's Wild-man of the Ukulele.. Mr Ukulele Russ! I've been getting to know Russ and threatening to do a write-up on him for a while now. Well here it is! Thanks Russ for tolerating all my stupid questions! I've enjoyed every second!

Caution: Bear in Area!

9 March 2013

Straight Up (2012)

I don't believe that I've ever posted about rugby before on the Ukulele Blog. There's a first time for everything. I've just finished reading Piri Weepu's autobiography Straight Up and thought I'd share a few thoughts with you.

Piri Weepu

3 March 2013

Skyfall (2012)

I've waited a long time for the latest installment of the James Bond franchise. Skyfall is Daniel Craig's third film as Bond and it's taken until the release of the Bluray for me to get to see it! I've done everything possible to try and avoid learning what happens in the film prior to watching it, even imposing a Bond black-out with the kids. Nobody talks about Skyfall or the puppy gets it!

This would have been a great idea for a film

2 March 2013

A Taste of the Yorkshire Wolds

I've been up to all sorts today... much against my better judgement. I was tricked into doing a 15 mile walk by Mrs Uke and 6 hours later... here I am! It was a circular route starting and ending in the beautiful little village of South Cave in East Yorkshire and was in aid of the South Cave Scout Group. I must say that the organizers did a fantastic job. As I write this it is 4:00 and the kids are both asleep... and I'm no longer feeling sick. You could do a 27 mile circuit or the smaller 15 miles. There were some very fit people on show. The fastest time for the larger circuit was just over 3 hours. Puts me to shame. I could barely walk the last bit! The kids did me proud! As is becoming customary, I have some snaps for you. Enjoy!

Seagulls following the plough