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27 March 2013

Bad Blood (2013)

The journey is coming to an end. Regular readers of this blog will know for the last couple of months that I have been working on a musical collaboration with my Italian friend and ally, the wonderful Daniele Bianchini. We have immersed ourselves in the memories of the classic Italian Western films to tell tales of bravery, foolishness and high jinks. It's been fantastic! Thank you Pancho!

King Uke & Pancho - Bad Blood
"I was born with a bullet in my hand"

Our collaboration has been a lot of fun and I think that the results have surprised everyone. We have managed to produce three original songs that are unique, taking the best that each of us has to offer. It's not been easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is; Our styles are very different. I'm really pleased with the end results and it seems like some of you are too!

Check out the stupendous Knife and Outlaw if you don't believe me!

The end?

I'm feeling a bit tearful in a manly way... I will miss telling you tales of our adventures. I couldn't help but feel that there may have been the hope of redemption somewhere on the dusty horizon, but like all great stories, you will have to imagine the ending yourself.

Bad Blood pulls no punches. This is cowboy rock and roll. My working title was "The Ballad of El Pancho" and I hoped that it would tell the tale of my enigmatic brother... the one they call "El Pancho". Would we learn more of the man who trudged the desert to rescue me from my prison in Mexico? Would we discover the source of the fire that burns inside a man capable of rallying a group of Mexican bandits to break me from my shackles? Listen and you shall find out.

"The Ballad of El Pancho"

Let's not view this as the end. One day I will complete the "lost" fourth song from this collection. It will end thus...
"Legends live, though I must die...
This was the story of my life..."
Bad Blood is short and simple; It has two guitars, a rogue organ here and there... and that's it! Pancho sings in Italian and I sing in English. That's just the way we roll.

"What on earth has got into King Uke?
All he talks about these days is golden scarabs!"

Before I hand over to YouTube, I'll reveal that the complete WANTED! EP will be available soon, and it won't cost you a Confederate dime to listen to it. I will do a launch post as soon as I can. You'll get the songs in glorious MP3 and Pancho and I have even written the words down for you so that you can grunt along. It will be brilliant! Trust me!

AdiĆ³s amigos...


  1. Doesn't look like you boys have been eating very well,since you've been on the run.-)

  2. That's the problem with being on the run Daz... a steady diet of eating up the miles and the pounds just fly off!

  3. Just listened to your songs and I really like them.
    Italo Western meets desert groove.
    Rock on King Uke.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Eric! "Desert Groove" - I love that as a genre! You are a genious!

  5. And I am not... For a start, I can't spell...