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31 March 2013

Sharkfin Ukulele - On Fire!


I got left on my own this weekend; The wife and kids went away and left me all alone! As much as I love them dearly, I'll admit that I've really enjoyed a little bit of me-time! Ha ha. I haven't left the house once! No, I tell a lie, I went to the shop on Saturday... when I ran out of beer! :-D

Actually, I think I might be suffering from a little bit of Cabin Fever... I can't seem to keep my mind on anything at the moment...

Let's hope that this little guy made it back to his family...

For the past couple of days, I've been eating well, watching films, drinking, listening to Ray Manzarek, surfing the internet, and generally loafing about. It's been great! This morning, I had planned to laze about some more but it wasn't to be. As I lay in bed I heard something odd going on in my back garden. From my window I could see that the neighbour's cat had got a rabbit. I hate that bastard cat! I jumped out of bed as quick as I could and rescued the rabbit! Yay for the little guy! I got the picture above and while I had my back turned it disappeared.

As I stood there in the garden in my underpants, hands on hips, feeling pretty good with myself. I realised that something else was odd. It took me a while to remember what it was. I'll be damned... If there wasn't a sun in the sky! :-O

(In case you're wondering... After a cold but beautiful day, it's snowing again! When will it end?)

Look what I found in my freezer! This is a bag of chillis
I grew a couple of years ago. I ate all of them for lunch
and now I don't feel so good. Actually, one was enough!

I decided there and then that today was going to be the day I finished my Sharkfin ukulele build! Brave words! Actually, I've been desperate to get outside and finish it. I quickly rushed back inside to find my new boiler suit.

Yep - you heard me right... Boiler suit! It's great! I've been wearing it all day. I'm still wearing it. And depending upon how things go tonight, I might even sleep in it! Ha ha... Of course I won't... well maybe only a little snooze...

Check this out! It's me in my new boiler suit! It says "Environment Agency" on the
breast pocket and the legs are way too long for me! I love it!

So eventually, after much arsing about, I did get down to doing some work on the Sharkfin. Let's pick up the story where I left off just before Christmas...

(As a worrying aside... I've taken to talking to the guinea pig. Is this a sign that I'm losing it?)

I gave the Sharkfin another sanding down and then masked off the
fretboard, saddle and end pin. Look at the state of my lawn in this
picture. There's more moss than grass! Keep your eyes on the ukulele...

I strung up the uke in the garage and gave it three coats of a clear lacquer.
Look at the mess in my garage! It just depresses me.
Keep your eyes on the ukulele...

This is the lacquer I used, and see the
tiny bottle of polish? That's the incredibly
expensive Jim Dunlop 65 I buffed it with.

I did an okay job of lacquering. There were a couple of runs here and
there, but nothing major. Next, I put back all the parts and strung it up
with some Aquila strings. I was smiling to myself as I took this photo.
That was until I realised the mess I've made of the house and that
Mrs Uke is due back tomorrow! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

And that's it... I've finished! The Sharkfin is complete! I bet you're wondering what it sounds like aren't you. So was I. I've pulled together a sound check for you. It's a little bit schizophrenic .. but if you can make it to the end, I'm sure it is worth the effort. Perhaps, when I have got used to human company, I will try again. Until then...

Update 1-Apr-2013: Easy come... easy go...


  1. Re:
    "I hate that bastard cat!".

    You should try planting Easter Lillies around the house.My friends at just did a post on their Easter Lilly and wondered why it bloomed right on Easter every year even though it is a movable holiday,so I tried to find some info about Full Moons and Easter Lillies,but all I really came across was that all lillies are extremly toxic to cats -

    Although,you may have to grind the lillies up and feed it to this bastard cat as Trish says her cat is not interested in her lillies.-)

  2. I don't know about lillies, but a crossbow might work! Of course, I am joking people... I'm not a good enough aim to hit a cat with a crossbow...

  3. Re:
    "I've taken to talking to the guinea pig. Is this a sign that I'm losing it?"

    Actually,when I looked up guinea pig in Scott Alexander King's book,"Animal Dreaming",he said the guinea pig represents 'motivation'.

    "The term 'guinea pig' has come to describe someone whose job it is to trail new ideas,skills or products,or someone unafraid to experiment in order to find answers to a problem".

    maybe the guinea pig is your
    totem animal ?-)

  4. "the guinea pig represents 'motivation'"... I didn't know this. I like it! And he talks back to me too! So maybe in a way he helped me to get off my arse and finish this project! I wonder if I can find myself a golden one?

    (You know that they eat guinea pigs in Peru?)

  5. I know,actually you can read the whole guinea pig chapter of Scott's here -

    Just copy that link and paste it into your browser.

  6. I feel motivated just reading that Daz! "Despite unexpected setbacks, obstacles and sceptical criticism from those around them, they push forward in their quest to unearth new discoveries. Few truly understand the motives that drive the guinea pig person..."
    I think that this might be me!
    What a great observation! Thanks for pointing it out!