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27 April 2013

A Taste of Leeds

Today I journeyed to central Leeds in the name of shopping. As is often the case on these sorts of trips... I came home with nothing... but it still cost me a fortune! My daughter E-Uke on the other hand did really well out of the whole deal. ;-)

As is customary these days, I've got a few random snaps to share with you from the day's adventures. Most of these really are just snaps; It was so rushed that I didn't have any chance to line up many of the shots. They're blurred and badly framed, but you know what... that's exactly what this day has been like... so it's a pretty good reflection. Enjoy a little peek into my life...

Uh oh! Is that my train?
Look at those clouds!
National Rail had fleeced me before the day had begun!
Better still, the train was packed with Hull fans off to
get beat by Barnsley. Things really got exciting when
some Leeds fans got on in Selby. I had to stand the
whole way, right in the middle. Great :-/

Leeds, Leeds, Leeds... so good they named it thrice.
What a busy day! This shopping centre wasn't here the last time I visited.
I spotted two noticeable trends... Hipsters... and people with tattoos on their necks

I love the Victorian Arcade. I remember this all being
renovated in the 80s and it still looks great! I didn't go
into any of the expensive little boutiques, but I love
wandering through it.

"Wonder if I'll find a cheeky little something?"

Here's a shot from inside the Corn Exchange (another building refurbished in the 80s).
You might be able to make out a guitar hanging outside the middle shop on the balcony.
That's Northern Acoustics. I went in and got talking to the owner, a nice American guy.
The shop's been around for about 9 years, the last 2 being situated in the corn exchange.
It almost exclusively deals in acoustic guitars, but I spotted a lone uke at the back
behind the desk. The shop is a Martin distributor and the uke was a Martin. I don't
know the model, but he wants close to £400 for it. Wow! You don't see these
every day. Better still, he let me play it! It sounded brilliant... all perfectly in tune.
The only surprise for me was he said it was Koa veneer. I wouldn't have expected that
for the price. He told me about one of the Martin high-end ukes that retails for
£4k... :-S... I wouldn't dare touch one that expensive!

Victorian engineering excellence... the roof of the Corn

Crystal Trickery

"The poorest man is he whose only wealth is money" ~ TONE

More Crystal Trickery

A glitter-mirror sharkfin mohawk?

"Equus" by Andy Scott
The Trinity Shopping Centre Mascot

In an emergency: Slide doors open

M = Male
It's the sign for King Uke's personal Toilet

Mosaic floor in the victorian arcades

I popped my head into one other music shop. There was a small wall-full
of ukes in MusicRoom. Here's the top rack... Laka, Tanglewood, Lanikai
and Mahalo.

Here's rack 2. A couple of Tanglewoods and a rogue
Fender. Not sure what the one on the right is.

Here's rack 3. A young guy was just in the process of buying the uke that
used to hang on the third hanger. Well done that man! He nervously tried
it out... quickly thought it over... and then committed. It was great to watch.
I bet he doesn't put it down all day! Ha ha! A star of the future... you
mark my words! You can see Lanikai, Stagg and Kahana ukes here.

Here's the bottom rack... the bargain basement row!
Staggs, Makala (?) and more Staggs

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