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26 May 2013

A Taste of Swin Dale

The puppy was rooting around in the garage yesterday and came out with a leaf in her mouth. I took it from her and was surprised to see that there was writing on it. It's left over from one of my kids' games. It says "a ticket... 1 adult and 2 children". Fancy that! I hopped onto Google+ and asked what it might be a ticket for. The suggestions are below. Personally, I'm taking it as a reminder to get out more. So today, that's exactly what I did. Today's little adventure was to return to a place I discovered in March called Swin Dale. We didn't have long, but it was great! Below are the snaps...

When I asked what this ticket might be for yesterday I had a few great suggestions.
+Denise Sparrowhawk suggested that it might be a ticket to the jungle. +Liz Quilty
seemed sure that it was a ticket to the forest. +shankti oviedo revealed that it is in
fact a ticket for the "Tihuantinsuyo party". Count me in! Those Incans know how to party!

Donuts & Kebabs?
I love mysteries! Look at this fragment of a sign I found. I wonder what it says?

What a beautiful feather! Unfortunately the owner had lost quite a
few which I can only assume isn't a good thing

This looks like one of those Bigfoot sighting photos. Actually, can you see that it is a
deer! This young stag was out in the open and though it doesn't look like it in the photo,
he was pretty relaxed about being so close to us. There are a lot of deer around here, but
you rarely see them.

I love this picture. Look at that sky! Look at the strange moon-like
rocks! What do reckon this field would be good for growing?

We've had such a terrible year so far weather-wise. I'd almost forgotten how magical
a meadow can look. Check this out! Isn't this special!

Yellow has been the colour of the day...

Here's a close-up of the type of rock that is strewn about the fields around Swin Dale.
I don't know what it is. I do know that this part of the world is famous for its chalk.

Number 6

This turned out really well. I was having a bit of trouble getting shots of the
dandelions. Every time I lined up a picture, my son J-Uke would storm in and
kick the bloody thing. Ha ha... how we laughed... :-s

Old and new. See the wind farm set off against the oil seed rape. Both
are recent invaders of the Yorkshire countryside.

Finally, here's a shot from yesterday. My son J-Uke is holding a giant pine-cone we
found while having a kick-about. Nature in all its conical glory!


  1. Re:
    "... and asked what it might be a ticket for".

    Maybe it's a ticket to
    "The Place Beyond the Pines".
    See my upcoming post to get that comment.
    But whatever it is,don't LEAVE home without it.
    It's priceless.

  2. Re:
    "I love mysteries! Look at this fragment of a sign I found. I wonder what it says?"

    At first I thought Do...a deer,a female dear -

    and I could imagine King and the kids prancing around the countryside singing
    "The Hills are Alive to the Sound of Music" on their ukes.
    But I was wrong,because when I Googled "Do kep"
    I found out it was a sign of whether
    April Kepner & Jackson Avery get back together in season 9 of some crappy show,as in
    "Do Kepner and Avery get back together?"

    (so,maybe that 6 on the pole was a 9.-)

    Puzzle solved.-)

  3. Hmmm...I just watched that clip about April Kepner & Jackson Avery and it starts off by saying maybe this is a sign and finishes by saying we should get married in a field with butterflies !?!

    And Re:
    "What do reckon this field would be good for growing?"

    Here's another cryptic video for you to watch -

    Can you guess what I'm thinking ?

    That's make popcorn to watch movies with.I'm glad you figured that out.

  4. I think the Vatican want their pine-cone back.

    And want to know how you managed to shrink it like that.

  5. Re:
    "Yellow has been the colour of the day..."

  6. "Vatican want their pine-cone back"
    This is an interesting topic Daz. Pine cones feature on your blog and I was wondering what the significance might be. It seems that the Vatican's bronze pine cone is a relic of the old St Peters Basilica found on the site when they built the Vatican City. It was cast in the 1st or 2nd century by Publius Cincius Salvius. Pine cones can represent eternal life and the Pineal gland in the brain which produces Melatonin, the hormone responsible for "sexual development and sleep-wake cycles". One of the Pope's staffs apparently has a pine cone on it. ("Pope's staff"... "sexual development"... :-S)

  7. It's about the Pineal gland.
    You got it right in your above comment.
    The Pineal gland is the gateway to cosmic consciousness according to a great many psychonaughts.
    The pine cone represents this spiritual side in many religions,although it's more of an occult (hidden) practice.