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11 May 2013

Hanging On

Today I took a break from the demands of our new puppy to put together a quick tune for you on my pimped Skylark Ukulele.

I've only gone and done a quick version of the Manic Street Preachers' song I talked about in a recent post called "Hanging On". You already know that I love this song.

The Skylark refurbishment has gone far better than I ever hoped it would. I had to do a bit of fettling to remove the buzz on the E string by dabbing a bit of super-glue in the nut to raise the string, but that has been it. The uke sounds great. When you consider how little I've had to do to it to get it to the state it is, it's a wonder that they weren't made this way in the first place. I'm really enjoying putting it through its paces.

My version of Hanging On sort of came about by accident. I obviously had it in my head and started playing it a couple of days ago as I was jamming with myself. Before I knew it, I'd worked it all out. It turns out that I've got it in a different key to the original, and I don't claim to be playing what the boys are playing, but that's totally fine by me.

Here's the original Skylark Box

I only had so much time to put this together, so there's very little to this recording. I put down three tracks of Skylark ukulele and one track of vocals. And that's it! I could have done so much more! All the tracks are single takes, so apologies for me bodging timing here and there. I've had about 10 hours sleep this past half a week with the bloody puppy keeping me up at night, so It's amazing that I managed even this. ;-)

Here's the uke that's making all the noise...

Here you go... enjoy...


  1. I'd like to see you write a ballad about
    'Tokyo Zombie'.
    Consider that a challenge.

  2. That would be a challenge Daz. Never say never...