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8 June 2013

Skylark in the Meadow (2013)

I can't help myself at the moment. I've been playing a lot of ukulele and thinking up new tunes.

I know there're a number of you out there wondering what I look like. Okay, here you go...
Photo courtesy of Next

Question: How do you write new songs on your ukulele?

Personally, I find song-writing on the ukulele to be a liberating experience. It allows me to throw away what little I know about music and to concentrate on the sound my fingers can make with four strings. It might be in my head, but I feel like my songwriting doesn't have to be as precise on the ukulele; I am free to experiment with chord shapes (many made up) and sounds in a way that I feel I can't with say a guitar. I strum and hum along until I've got a progression or phrase that pleases my ear. Starting with a pivotal first chord I can end up anywhere. Usually the uke can carry the tune on its own, but I find that once I add some sort of harmony with voice or another instrument - that's really where the magic starts! Is it the same for you? Drop me a comment.

And although I do knock out the occasional cover from time to time, I'm finding these days, that I much prefer to be playing my own homegrown tunes. They're usually in my key and I know all the tricky bits ;-)

Did you spot that I have a new profile picture? I'm proud to say  that it was designed for me by my friend and fellow art terrorist +shankti oviedo. The Scarab lives! Thank you Shankti-man!

The tune I'm sharing with you today has a gentle sleepy lilt to it. I actually wrote and recorded it last week in the space of a couple of hours. Unfortunately, in the end I decided that it wasn't working, so I shelved it. Then today, I had another listen and figured that it might be okay as an instrumental. Maybe all it needed was the levels fixing and perhaps... some bird song?

Mrs Uke was having a clear-out last weekend. See this picture I rescued. It was painted by the eminent J-Uke and one day will be worth an absolute fortune. It comes from his "boats on the Med" period. I got the frame this week and hung it on the wall. Beautiful!

"Skylark in the Meadow" is a celebration of Summer and Skylarks of all varieties.

What you will hear in the mix is bass, acoustic guitar, Tokyo ukulele, various sweeps of organ and a tiny bit of percussion. I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you are laying on your back in a field of dandelions. Hopefully the music will do the rest.

Sit back and relax. This one is dedicated to all the eco warriors out there...

The video incorporates some of the photos I took on my recent visit to Swin Dale.

Before I go...

I had a little bit of excitement yesterday when I thought William Shatner had commented on a Star Trek post I put up recently. Turns out it was all a scam. Damn!

Comments signed "Jim" are always going to grab my attention... ;-)


  1. Here's one of my tunes,called
    "Meadowlark under the Sky-light"

    That whistling was a killer on my cheeks.-)

  2. You're pretty good with a basketball too Daz! Brilliant! ;-)

    1. I think you spend too much time in Room 237 King.

      That's my new phrase for people who I think have been misled by their own delusions or have been sucked in by pranksters...although very good looking ones that is.-)

  3. Do you think William Shatner signs his comments "Jim"?

  4. And another thing... See in that last picture that I got to hear a sneak peak from Daniele Bianchini's new CD. It's played on his new electric RISA. It's something special!

  5. Where is 'Jim's" comment.
    I know that he was a big fan of my work until I wrote that "Aboot Canadians" post .-)

  6. Jim's comment is in my spam folder Daz. It said "Hmm, good job! This is really something!" Unfortunately, it turned out to be link generating spam to something dentistry-related. I'm sure if you wait long enough, you'll get one too!

  7. Re:

    Have you read my Dr.King Schultz post ?-)

  8. I have and I even commented, but you didn't get it? Damn. I did it on my phone... this has happened before. I'll try again...