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7 July 2013

A Taste of Summer

I know this is the second post of today, but the weather and Andy Murray's glorious victory has inspired me to bring together a few of the photos I've taken over the past couple of weeks for you. These are the photos that don't really fit anywhere in particular. Most (if not all) were taken whilst walking the dog. So if you want to thank anyone for this little collection, then praise the little fur-ball. All the photos were taken on my new iPhone. I must say that I love the camera on this phone - it's better than my real camera!

"Secret Resistance"
This view was hidden behind a fence. I sneaked a peak over the top and look what I found growing at the other side!

Here's a shot of the big circle that marks the boundary on a Cricket pitch.

An evening shot of the peony roses that grow in my back garden.

I posted this picture on Google+ today asking people to guess what I was up to. No one got it right. Today was Race For Life, the fundraiser for cancer research. Mrs Uke and my daughter E-Uke took part. I was proud as punch to be supporting from the sidelines. What a beautiful day for it.

I got lucky with this shot. It's a bee on a thistle that was waving all over the place in the wind. I snapped and hoped for the best.

I was accused of being a bit of a mysterious character this week. I really don't understand statements like that.

"Urban Hound"
I know I can be a bit obvious at times - no apologies for that. I saw this set of tracks in the cement and couldn't resist a shot.

I love this photo. I spied something on a leaf from a distance. On closer inspection it turned out to be this beautiful moth! Fantastic!

My son J-Uke discovers Andrew Marvell


  1. All great photos King,but I found "Urban Hound" to be a bit of a paw shot.-)
    Oh,and thank the dog for those wonderful walkie photos...give the dog a Scoobie (snack) for me.

  2. Will do Daz! I tracked the urban hound for miles, only to lose the scent in a carpark. The prints just ran out!

  3. Re: "The prints just ran out!"

    Well,that don't make any dog gone,scents,King.-)