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12 July 2013

Deadheads (2011)

It should come as no surprise to learn that I'm really not that keen on romantic comedies. It's a formula that doesn't do that much for me. Imagine my horror when I sat down to watch Deadheads a couple of nights ago and realised that I'd bought a zombie rom com. Good God NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

This is a snippet from a teaser for the Norwegian zombie flick Dead Snow, a film I'd much rather be talking about than Deadheads. When I first posted this, my German correspondent +Eric Harris was kind enough to point out a tiny error... "ein = a; eins = one". Oh dear! Knowing this... this video makes no sense at all! Ha ha... How cool is that! 

I haven't done a zombie film review for a while. Maybe there's a reason for this?

Deadheads takes zombie films where zombie films have no right going. It masquerades as a road movie, but don't be fooled.

See the picture on the left. That is the actual film poster. Very misleading if you ask me. I'm not even sure where they've got the name "Deadheads" from. The picture on the right is my suggestion. At least you know what you're in for!

Michael McKiddy stars as Mike Kellerman, a man who wakes up in some sort of zombie incident only to discover that he's one of them. The difference for Mike, is that somehow he's managed to retain his faculties. Instead of munching on the living, he's wearing nerdy glasses and wallowing in self-pity. Teaming up with Ross Kidder (as Brent Guthrie) and Markus Taylor (as Cheese) the unlikely troup set off in search of Mike's ex-girlfriend Ellie Masterson (played by Natalie Victoria). Yep, it makes no sense to me either. :-(

Do zombies drink beer? They do according to Deadheads.
Deadheads, Frobro Films 2011

Trust me when I say that I'm going to get no satisfaction from slating this film. Perhaps this little snippet of conversation recorded at the time is all you need to know?

King Uke (19:01) - Just about to sit down and watch Dead Heads. Wish me luck!
+Gunnar Green (19:32) - How much luck do you need to watch a movie?
King Uke (19:48) - it's a zombie movie... plenty luck!
+Martin Nutbeem (20:00) - Any good? Always on the look out for Zombie movies...
King Uke (20:04) - so far - pretty poor i'm afraid...
King Uke (20:41) - oh dear
King Uke (20:42) - all done
+Daniel Buttery (22:20) - Haha. Oddly this review has made me want to watch it quite badly. 

Mike doesn't look too good. MAKE-UP!
Deadheads, Frobro Films 2011

The special effects are terrible. It looked to me like a child had scribbled over the actors faces with felt-tip pens. Unfortunately the close-ups revealed a little too much. And yes, I do get that this film is meant to be a bit stupid and that zombies aren't real (no really, they're not), but it seemed to me that the Pierce Brothers were making it up as they went a long.

If you're getting the impression that I didn't like anything about Deadheads, you'd be wrong! I've just remembered that I was digging the opening credits. There is a great artsy feel to them which promises so much!
Deadheads, Frobro Films 2011

Here's an example of the sort of nonsense you can expect in Deadheads...

There's a long-running gag where one of the characters loses an arm. "Oh dear," I'm thinking. "This is going to make it difficult to finish the film." I mean, the first time it happened we were only 10 minutes or so into the story and the star is without a major limb. No problem! The actor just sticks the arm back on again. Problem solved! Oh dear. That's the level of dumb we're talking here.

I want one of these outfits!
Deadheads, Frobro Films 2011

The overall plot is paper-thin. The twists and turns slap you in the face in a predictable fashion. There isn't anything new or exciting to speak of. The Pierce Brothers work the road-movie/rom com formulas to a tee with obviously no budget to back them up. Save a few continuity glitches, everything flows pretty well. Here's the thing... I managed to watch the whole film, so it couldn't have been that bad could it? Hmmm.

What a fine pair of chops!
Deadheads, Frobro Films 2011

The acting is okay. Sadly, it's all a bit predictable. Stereotypes reign supreme and everything is laid on with a shovel. For zombie-aficionados, there are a couple of nods tipped at some of the characters in the Romero films... but this really isn't a zombie film.

Do I have to say any more?

On the Triple-B, I want you to give me 1 good reason why kissing a zombie isn't a great idea. Pucker up!

One last thing...

If unlike me, you enjoyed Deadheads then I bet you're going to just love Warm Bodies. Daz reviewed it quite recently on his blog. In all truth, I reckon there's a very strong likelihood that I'll never watch it. He also references World War Z. I'm in two minds about that one.

I love this sign.  You can buy it now on Amazon.


  1. 'Warm Bodies' is a good film KU.
    You'll like it,just go see it.
    I give it ate brains out of nine.-)

  2. Okay Daz, I'll keep an open mind on Warm Bodies, but you do know you're setting yourself up here if it turns out that I don't like it ;-)
    "ate brains out of nine" is brilliant in my books!