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20 July 2013

How to Draw a Cannibal

I was intrigued the other day to see that I'd had a hit on the blog with the search term "how to draw a cannibal". I get all sorts of crazy hits, but this one in particular tickled my fancy. Wouldn't it be great to have a post detailing how to draw a cannibal... and all sorts of other things for that matter!

Step-by-Step How To Draw

See the fretboard that the book is resting on. Yep, that is the pre-made one I ordered the other day. I'm not impressed with the Chinese build quality at all. I will not be using it on my up-coming King Six CBG Build.

As it happens, my son was doing some drawing yesterday using a step-by-step How to Draw book. Here's a snap of one of the instructions from that actual book...

How to draw a Stag Beetle. Just add gold!

Surely here, staring me square in eye, was just the inspiration I needed to give this little project a go! How hard could this possibly be?

How to draw a cannibal

How to draw a turd

How to draw a zombie

Okay - so they're rubbish! Ha ha. On the bright side... People will now get at least one hit when they Google "how to draw a cannibal!"

Right... let's jump about like crazy people!

My son J-Uke marches to a different drum. He is an absolute star! When tasked with making something out of paper mache this week at school, he crafted this poisonous tree frog. Beautiful!

While I'm on J-Uke's wonderful art... let me dust of this picture of an Egyptian Mummy. The Golden Scarab is strong in this one!

I was just looking for some more J-Uke artwork to show you when I came across a couple of pictures that I made of J-Uke and his sister E-Uke a while back. What do you think of these?

J-Uke... creator of Goldman

E-Uke... Horror film producer of the future!

Everyone loves surprises, right? See this card that J-Uke made for his Mum. Ha ha. I wonder if she ever figured out who it was from?

Right! I've had enough of this crap...

+Graham Hendrick really is a bad influence on me. I gave him a sneak preview of my "How to draw a turd" picture and he demanded that I animate it. I am sooooo easily lead you wouldn't believe! Ha ha! This one's for  you Graham! :-D


  1. Could you do a 'how to draw' cash for me ?
    Preferably one from an ATM that is not linked to a Nigerian Bank .-)

  2. Could you teach me how to draw TOTAL COELO,King ?

  3. I remember this fantastic (bin-bag) outfit Daz. Mrs Uke has just revealed that she had the single of this. Ha ha. I wonder where you can buy multi-coloured bin bags from these days? Still no progress on the job then? Unfortunately blogging doesn't pay much does it :-(

  4. I've just had my tax return done and because I didn't earn enough for the year I get back over 6 Gs,which will keep me from sleeping in the gutter for a few more weeks at least .-)

  5. Did you hear about this KU ?
    "Wellington shaken by strong 6.5-magnitude earthquake off New Zealand coast".

  6. "6 Gs" sounds like a lot until you start spending it I bet. I did hear about the earthquake Daz, indirectly through someone who what visiting at the time. It added a bit of excitement to their trip! Sounds like it was a big one... out at sea. It's been this way for as long as I can remember. Is it only a matter of time until something hits a bit closer? Let's hope not!

  7. @Daz - Maybe you should try your hand at this...
    Tom's from Briz too!