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7 July 2013

Oompah, Oompah, Stick it up your Jumper

Not much is happening at the Ukulele Blog unfortunately. With the Summer has come a bout of "Real Life". I can't claim to be unhappy with the arrangement... I'd much rather be outside doing something, than inside writing about it.

I do have a couple of random updates for you though, so without further ado...

Kings Six Mock-up

Plans to build my first Cigar Box Guitar took a step forward this week when I put in a couple of orders for parts. I'm going to do this project a little bit differently to others I've attempted. In true CBG fashion, I'm going to build using prefabricated parts. The only concession I'm going to make is that I want to carve the neck myself rather than buy one. The fretboard, the saddle and the electrics will all be pre-made. I'll just need to fit them all together. You'll remember that I already have a tiny King Six cigar box which I've been holding onto especially for this project. Given the size of the box, I'm going to struggle to get anything larger than a soprano ukulele out of it.

Here are the electrics and fretboard I'm hoping to use. I can't vouch for the quality of the piezo kit, but I'm  willing to give it a go! It has tone and volume controls which I haven't come across before in a passive set-up. How's this all meant to work then? Only one way to find out... ;-)

The fretboard comes pre-fitted with copper frets. You know that I've shed lots of tears and blood fitting frets. Let's see if using a premade fretboard solves this, or whether it just creates me different problems.

I'm currently stuck waiting for the parts to arrive. Even so, don't expect this project to run too quickly once they do - gotta take advantage of this sun while I can!

See this sort of skull and crossbones picture. Can you guess what it is hinting at? I wanted a pre-amp so I could do another sound check on my Sharkfin ukulele build. I also wanted one that I could use for the CBG I'm thinking of building in this post. I've shied away from getting a pre-amp in the past thinking up all sorts of crazy-mad ways of avoiding parting with my cash. I've succumbed. The Behringer Preamp Booster in the picture is new and I hope to do a soundcheck of it and the Sharkfin soon. Watch this space. All things being equal, you should also get an airing of a new tune I'm in the process of writing. I can't wait!

Oh, the chopstick... You remember last week me telling you about the fantastic James Hill and his chopstick song? I have a mind to attempt a completely uke version of Ray Manzarek's Golden Scarab using techniques invented by James. This may be complete folly on my part, but this Preamp Pedal could be the key to unlocking this project. Don't hold your breath - I bet this will be far harder than it seemed when I came up with the idea... in Cheltenham with several pints inside me. How hard can it be?

Oh the spoon... Not sure about that one just yet ;-)

I hooked up with +Daniel Buttery a couple of weeks ago and we're working on a musical collaboration. From what I've heard of Daniel's work, he's going to be carrying me for this project. :-O

We're at the knocking-ideas-back-and-forth stage while Dan rebuilds his studio. Little-by-little I'm warming Dan up to a possible sequel to my PirateBay hit EP: Wanted! Ha ha! This picture was the teaser I posted earlier this week on Google+. At the bottom of this post you will find a video of Dan's oompah remix of one of my ideas. It is simply too good not to share with you. I have never produced anything sounding like this before, or likely to again! Dust off your lederhosen in anticipation. Expect to be horrified and delighted all at the same time!

Bagman's building a new instrument! See the larger instrument in this picture with the sort of tear-shaped body. When he first showed it to me this week he called it a Lute. He told me that he had seen one being played by Fairpoint Convention on a TV programme he'd been watching and off the back of that, he decided to make himself one. He's designed it based upon what he saw on the screen. Isn't that fantastic! I offered to help him to get some strings for it, but neither of us really knew what we were looking for. I started with Lute strings. After many dead-ends on that front I called for help on Google+. +Rupert Wood came up trumps! He suggested that it may be an Octave Mandolin and both me and Bagman think he's right! The strings have been ordered! I'll sneak you a picture when it's all strung up.

I mentioned last week that I'd discovered the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival that's going to be held in Pontefract on the 12-13 October. I'll do a fuller post on this soon, but for the moment I just want to call out the workshops that are going to be available at the event. If you're going and have the instrument building bug then why don't you check out the one being held by Rob Collins of TinGuitar. He's going to show you how to build a Diddley Bow. He supplies the materials and you leave with a new instrument. How cool is that! I've never been to a workshop at a festival yet. Maybe this is where it all starts!

I hope I don't get into trouble for posting this picture, but I can't stop admiring this work-in-progress shot from +Daniel Hulbert's latest build. It's of his new "wave" ukulele. I don't know anything about it other than the frets are all skeewiff and that I love it. Daniel says that he pinched some ideas from my Kingcaster build with the pickup and end-pin arrangement. I bet ;-)

Daniel held some instrument-building workshops at this year's Utah Ukulele Festival. He says he's going to post up something soon to give us an idea of what he discussed. I can't wait. I'll post links once they're available.

"Ask me about ukulele: I dare you!"
I was bored yesterday and designed this new T-Shirt.
I wouldn't dare wear it... Would you?

See this poster I'm in the process of getting framed. I need some sort of mount for it. +Julian Davies kindly gave it to me after his visit to Indonesia this time last year where he met up with ukulele punk band Marjinal. Masberto is the name of one of their songs: a tale of tattoos and alienation. Thanks Jules! Just trying to convince Mrs Uke that this would look great in the Hall. ;-)

While I'm on Art. Check this out... graffiti artist Ukey. Hey, hold on a second... This reminds me a bit of the mysterious Ukesy that I spotted last year on my visit to Cornwall. I wonder if they're related?

Okay, okay... here's the tune...

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