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18 July 2013

Save My Soul (2013)

In Vaqueros folklore there is a story of a man disillusioned with life who takes to the desert in search of salvation. With only a horse for company, the poor unfortunate disappears into the night perhaps never to return. In my new song "Save My Soul" we join this desparado as he sets off on his journey of discovery.

King Uke - Save My Soul

You guessed it! I just can't let my Desert Groove kick die! I'm not sure where this song fits into the overall story I created in my recent Wanted EP collaboration with El Pancho. For now, this isn't important; I'm happy enough simply knowing that more of the tale is unfolding. We can sew it all together later ;-)

A word of warning to the wise... Never, never, NEVER drop your bongos on your recording studio. Look what I did! I am soooo angry with myself!

Although +Daniel Buttery modestly refuses to take any credit for this song, he certainly has been instrumental in it being written and in my mind at least, it wouldn't have happened without him! You will remember that I am building up to doing a musical collaboration with Dan. Initial brainstorming resulted in the Oopah internet sensation "Dead Man's Reel". This thigh-slapping classic was Dan's reworking of an idea that I still hope to complete in the future, perhaps with a little less Oompah. Just you wait until I catch you Dan!

Check this picture out! I've just discovered the PhotoSynth App for my iPhone. I am having sooo much fun at the moment taking pictures! What you do, is to stand in one position and use the App to take loads of pictures around you. The App then "stitches" them together to form a sort of surround-picture which you can scroll about. The end results can be quite surreal and other-worldly. What I've been then doing is to crop the end result to produce a super-landscape picture. The picture above shows the sun setting over a field I've been walking the dog in. +Strange Ukulele suggested that it looks like a nuke detonation. Ahhhh... do you see now why I've included it in this post? ;-)

Actually, the first idea Dan and I contemplated was one of Dan's... a slick Bond-like anthem that I love. It's a moody electronica piece that I'm wracking my brains trying to think what I can add to it. Ever one to sidetrack myself, I put together an acoustic cowboy version of the song and this is what eventually turned into "Save My Soul". They're very different to listen to, but now you know my secret... they grew from the same seed! Shhhh! Don't tell anyone ;-)

In many ways "Save My Soul" is my Golden Scarab song. It is meant to be a tale of rebirth and enlightenment. And like all good stories I have left the ending open to interpretation.

"Where's Shankti?"

I love this Photoshop. I was having a little bit of fun with good friend +shankti oviedo a while back and I'm pleased to report that he's still talking to me! Ha ha!

I have no video to share with you yet. If I'm really lucky, +shankti oviedo is going to help me out here. Shankti has also extended me an invitation to visit him in Buenos Aires which sounds like a fantastic idea. In our most recent correspondence Shankti revealed: "im trying to get a million dollars to take you here and make +King Uke tour and +Stu Mitchell as your couch." I like the sound of this Shankti!!! Ha ha. Let's do it!

One more thing... On Shankti's orders: I've joined SoundCloud. I've already put up a few songs to start the ball rolling. I am considering "fixing" a few more of the older ones and sticking them up too, but most likely this will just become a place for new homegrown tunes as they crop up.

The sun sets on another day. This shot was from yesterday. The Sun is an enduring theme in "Save My Soul".

Onto the music...

"Save My Soul" doesn't have a great deal to it. It is underpinned by acoustic guitar and electric bass. Over the top are vocals and Tokyo uke. I'm experimenting here with using the uke as a sort of lead instrument, rather than your typical rhythm section. I think it works well and that I should do more of it! :-D

Look at this picture. It's a selfie. Pay attention to my Tokyo T-Shirt. Do you see what I see? I reckon it says "ukulele"!

Dan says that the song has a sort of Doors-does-Bhangra sound to it. That sounds pretty good to me. I've done very little fettling to the final mix; Everything just seemed to fall into place right from the off. The same thing happened when I recorded Knife, so I am taking this as a good omen. But, hey, I'll let you be the judge of that. Let me know what you think...

Here's the song...

One last thing...

You may remember me asking who on earth Brian Collins is in my recent post on The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain. I'd seen a fantastic ukulele painted by Brian being auctioned off on the Sunday. Luckily Brian's bro read my post and gave me the answer! Brian is the creator of this magic puppetry. I've dropped Brian a message to see if I can talk to him, but so far, no response. In case he never gets back to me, here's a link to Brian Collins' website so you can go take a look at his work for yourself.


  1. "Never, never, NEVER drop your bongos"

    Sounds like a great dancing lyric for a song,
    as long as you don't drop your bongos
    that is.-0

  2. Re:
    " I've just discovered the PhotoSynth App for my iPhone ".

    I guess you won't be needing that stash of LSD anymore then.-)

  3. Re:
    "One more thing... On Shankti's orders: I've joined SoundCloud."

    And I think you should become a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

    Tell them member # 33012 sent you.-)

  4. Re:
    "Look at this picture. It's a selfie. Pay attention to my Tokyo T-Shirt. Do you see what I see? I reckon it says "ukulele"!"

    C'mon King,how am I supposed to read that Asian writing ?

    It's mirror reversed.-)

  5. The last code I had to type in for my last comment may also have answered the question I posed.-)

    " byGaze 4710"

    By gaze ?

  6. "I guess you won't be needing that stash of LSD anymore then" - No... my mind is capable of warping all on its own... whether I like it or not ;-)

    "Cloud Appreciation Society"... Ha ha! What a crazy wonderful idea! They have an App too! I know nothing about clouds... maybe this is where I start to turn this failing around?

    "The last code I had to type in for my last comment" - I didn't realise that you had to type in codes to comment on this blog. I hate that. And it looks like I might be able to switch it off. What's the worst that could happen if I did this? Oh well... done now... We'll just have to wait and see.

    "how am I supposed to read that Asian writing" - I know you Daz.... You can see "the signs" ;-)

  7. Re:
    "I know nothing about clouds..."

    Neither do I,apart from the fact that my wife thinks I have my head stuck in them and sometimes a planet as well...I think she said it was can I have my head stuck that far up in the sky ?-)

    And if you turn the codes off you get spammers...and I for one hate tinned ham.-)

  8. You are right KU,the codes are gone.
    Now where's those tins of ham I don't want,
    while your codes are off ?-)

  9. Ha ha! You've scared me into switching it back on! Phew... that was close!