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11 August 2013

Stay (2013)

Earlier this week when I wasn't looking, the Ukulele Blog hit 200k visitors! Isn't that great! I can't help but feel that my instructions on how to draw a turd are somehow responsible for the recent influx. It's hard to tell... nobody ever comments.

New beginnings?

Today is probably going to be my last post in a good long while. I'm leaving, and I haven't decided whether I'm going to come back. I'm off to America! Yes! On holiday! Hooray! Expect lots of photos and stories on my return! ...if I return.

You'll be pleased to hear that I've done another Cowboy song. Last weekend I slipped on my poncho and saddled up the Appaloosa. Actually, I never thought I'd finish this song; I laid down the vocals just to see what it might sound like and wasn't really convinced that it would be up to scratch.

Look what they just found in the Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico! It's well worn, but that insignia is unmistakable!

I let +Daniel Buttery have a listen and he convinced me that it might have legs giving me strict orders not to re-record the vocals. He hinted that he was going to help me finish the song but unfortunately he got banged up before following through on his promise. Shame. This one's dedicated to Buttery and all the boys on D Wing.

Stay will be song 2 in an EP I'll call "Golden Scarab" for reasons that should need no explanation. This will be the cover art.

The song is called Stay and continues the story I started with Save my Soul. You will remember that our hero had set off into the desert in search of salvation. Riding through the night, he heads for sanctuary in the mountains. Stay brings us to the present. Our hero has reached the end of the trail. There is nowhere left to go.

In one last act, our hero frees his Indian Appaloosa and attempts to send it away. The time for solitude is near. As the horse circles around the half-crazed man, we realise that it does not want to leave his master. With every new beginning there must also be an ending. Stay, is a song of respect. It also hints at a fear of what is to come. All we know for sure is that there can be no turning back. Like a bullet through the heart, the Appaloosa finally turns and disappears over the horizon.


King Uke does Flower Power! What's going on inside his tiny mind?

This song is dedicated to all the folk who like some straw in their whiskey. It's rough as hell. I play and sing like a drunk-man. It has a sound like the rumble of distant thunder. You can almost taste the impending doom. I dispense with all the usual conventions of playing in tune and tempo and somehow, it still hangs together... just! Ha ha.

You've got a vocal track, a couple of acoustic guitars and my Tokyo ukulele. That's it! Until we meet again...


  1. Re: "It's hard to tell... nobody ever comments."

    It's funny you should say that,because when I went to the Byron bay Writer's Festival a few weeks ago I bought a "The Invisible Man" Penguin classics mug (the H.G.Wells story) as a hint to those I live with that I still do exist if you would ever like to communicate with me instead of living your lives around me as if I was a ghost.
    But I don't know whether they have noticed my new mug yet :-(
    From your friend,nobody,the only one who seems to comment here .-)

  2. Re: "King Uke does Flower Power!"

    I also met the cartoonist Michael Leunig at the BBWF and that flower picture reminds me of one of his poems -

    The Summer Palace

    Make a little garden in your pocket,
    Fill your cuffs with radishes and rocket,
    Let a passionfruit crawl up your thigh,
    Grow some oregano in your fly.
    Make a steamy compost of your fears,
    Trickle irrigate your life with tears,
    Let your troubled mind become a trellis,
    Turn your heart into a summer palace.

  3. And I think you should put a photo of that coin on the flip-side of your EP .-)

  4. "From your friend,nobody,the only one who seems to comment here" - It is much appreciated! Funnily enough, the Invisible Man is one of the books I've put on my Kindle for the holiday. I'm hoping that I don't have too much time for reading though ;-)
    "living your lives around me as if I was a ghost" - This doesn't sound too good. It's like when I told my family that I was going on holiday... and they could come too if they wanted ;-) I really need some time off! Can't wait!

    I know of Michael Leunig, but I can't remember where from. Great poem! "Make a steamy compost of your fears"... sounds like great advice.

    The coin will be funding my trip to the States. We're flying cattle class... right at the back with the appaloosa.

  5. I found something for the rear window of the family wagon they may just appeal to you King .-)