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6 September 2013

American Zombie

I'm back from my hols in America! What a fantastic adventure! I have sooo many pictures to share with you that I'm a little overwhelmed by the whole idea. If you've circled me on Google+, then you've probably seen most of them already. Perhaps I'll only stick some of the more eclectic ones on the blog? We'll just have to wait and see.

I think that I'll start off with some silly pictures that are mostly zombie-related. You know that I have a soft-spot for zombies. It would appear that America has embraced the concept lock, stock and smoking barrel. Enjoy...

One last thing... not all these photos are mine. I've added some extra info here and there. Where I've done this, I've provided links to the sources.

Zombie - Post Apocalypse Playing Cards

If chess isn't your thing, then perhaps you can while away the end of the world with a few card games. Solitaire?

Alexander - The Man Who Knows

"Claude Alexander Conlin (1880–1954), also known as Alexander, C. Alexander, Alexander the Crystal Seer, and Alexander the Man Who Knows, was a vaudeville magician who specialized in mentalism and psychic reading acts, dressed in Oriental style robes and a feathered turban, and often used a crystal ball as a prop. In addition to performing, he also worked privately for clients, giving readings. He was the author of several pitch books, New Thought pamphlets, and psychology books, as well as texts for stage performers. His stage name was "Alexander," and as an author he wrote under the name 'C. Alexander.'" ~ Wikipedia

Mentalism! What a great word!

I spotted the above poster in an antique shop in Carson City. I didn't have a clue who Alexander was at the time, but I love the poster. The closest I came to psychic reading on this holiday was a couple of Zoltar Fortune Teller Machines. I saw one in South Lake Tahoe and another in Virginia City. Although the Zoltar machines look vintage, I see that you can buy a new one today for $8500. I've got mine on order! ;-)

Dashboard Zombie by Rockin Robot
"Brain-hungry lurching zombie action!"
"Unstoppable zombie terror!"

I'm a huge fan of pioneer-era Cal-Nev history. One big name in the area is John Albert "Snowshoe" Thompson who was a sort of extreme mailman. Said to be the grandfather of Californian skiing, John was probably one of the toughest most resourceful men ever to have traversed the Sierra Nevada mountains. His tales of bravery are legend! Look him up.

I think that this picture was a snap I took of a photo in a book I was reading. I don't know if it's just the light, but it struck me that John cuts a pretty imposing figure. Check out the whiskers and arms that could take down a mountain lion.... but also, can you see the eyes... them's zombie eyes! :-S

My hero!

...not to be confused with Arthur Ravenscrag the Third... a different hero entirely...

Dried Zombie Skin

"OK for human consumption; Crunchy and salty; Buried and decomposed"

I don't care if this is "vegan, all natural, and gluten free", I don't think that I'll be trying zombie skin any time soon! I bet John "Snowshoe" Thompson wouldn't have touched the stuff!

My son, J-Uke spotted these finger zombies (although to be honest, I think he was more taken by the monster ones on the right). The finger zombies were designed by Curt Hanks and by all accounts they glow in the dark! Scarey! 

"Oh Granny! What horrible teeth you have!"

Check out this picture I saw in a window in Virginia City. It's a holographic portrait. Depending upon the viewing-angle, it shows you a sweet old lady, or this... the granny from Hell!

Rotten Targets 3D Bleeding Steve Target, Orange

I spotted this in a Walmart in Reno and did a double-take. I reckon that Walmart must stock everything you might ever need to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. This here is a target to be used for shooting practice. Apparently the head oozes blood when you hit it! I wonder if they sell many? They're not cheap either... $69 a pop! I bought one... and a small Horton Crossbow in Zombie Green ;-)

"When defending yourself from the undead, you need a weapon with pinpoint accuracy and power, but stealth which will not attract other Zombies to your location. The Zombie RIP from Horton fits the bill perfectly! Capable of delivering bolts at speeds exceeding 300 feet per second with pinpoint accuracy, this crossbow will quickly become your favorite tool for zombie elimination. The bolts can also be used on multiple zombies so you won't be weighed down with excess ammo. While it may not be ideal for an attacking horde, it more than makes up for this shortfall with its ability to silently dispatch lone sentry scout zombies. The zombies are coming… ready with the Zombie RIP from Horton. "

"The Zombie of Montclaire Moors" Statue


I saw this in the SkyMart brochure on the flight between Reno and San Francisco. While I'm on it... I want to go on the record as stating that American domestic airlines are PANTS! I don't believe that they ever leave on time. America! Pull your socks up!

"Not for the faint of heart, this Toscano-exclusive, life-size, gray-toned zombie will claw his way out of your garden plot, office, or family room corner, pleading for assistance with the eeriest eyes you've ever seen. Captured in quality designer resin with meticulous detail and finished so realistically that you'll swear you can hear him groaning! Arrives in 3 pieces."

There are so many things in that previous paragraph that make me uncomfortable that I don't really know where to start. Let's move on...

Zombie Mints

I guess somebody had to make some. These are apparently "brain flavour". Ha ha... ha... cough... do you see what they did there? :-/

"Next time you find yourself cornered by a mob of slavering zombies intent on eating your brain, break out this tin of brain flavored Zombie Mints and offer it to the undead hordes. If you’re lucky, they’ll form an orderly, single file line and each take a mint before trudging away satisfied. If you’re unlucky, they’ll slap the tin away, rip off your arm and feast on your cerebellum. If you don’t want to risk standing still and offering mints to the zombies (and who could blame you?), try disguising yourself as a zombie and then eating a whole bunch of the mints yourself. Your ghastly brain flavored breath might be your only escape. These breath mints are guaranteed to make your mouth autopsy fresh and are quite possibly the strangest candy ever made! Each 2-1/4" round tin contains one hundred mints. A great gift for coroners, med students, zombie fans and zombie friends."

Now, this, I like!

I spotted this Jeep on my travels. Pretty cool huh? Not convinced? Look a little closer. See the sticker on the bonnet... "Zombie Response Vehicle". Yep... now you understand!

As cool as this vehicle is, one thing does bug me about it... Wouldn't you want doors if you were responding to zombies? I certainly would! ...and a crossbow! ;-)

Listen to me designing my perfect zombie response vehicle. Wouldn't it be great if there was a free App I could use to help me to do this? Hold this thought...

The Walking Dead Chop Shop

I spotted this advert in a magazine I found lying about. When I snapped it, I didn't have a clue what it was referring to. It was obviously something to do with the Walking Dead, but what exactly? I now know that this is referring to a free App created by Hyundai which allows you to build your own virtual Zombie Survival Machine. How cool is that? I don't know... I haven't got the App.  I'm just downloading it now... oh dear... it's only got 2 stars out of 5...

(BTW - the link above leads you to the website where you can apparently play it on your desktop. Good Luck!)

Alright - I couldn't resist having a go. Look at my zombie survival vehicle. I designed it myself. It's got machine guns!

Zombies Eat Brains, You're Safe

How droll...

Skull and Cross Bones

I end with a picture my son drew on the mirror in our hotel room. I think
this was a statement about the jet-lag we were all suffering from at the time.

That wasn't so bad. Perhaps I'll show you some more of my pictures in other posts. Be warned... I've got something like 1000 to wade through. I've been organising them into themes to see what I've got. You've had "zombies". How does "food" or "cowboys" grab you? Surely I've got to show you the "music" ones. Oh and what about the "people" ones?

Hopefully normal service will resume shortly ;-)

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