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22 September 2013

Tahoe - Over and Out

This is it! My last post on Lake Tahoe! I can't promise to never mention it again, but perhaps I'll stop sharing holiday snaps with you? This post is all over the place. In it, I'll show you a number of photos that don't fit anywhere in particular, and a few others besides. Imagine the Bee Gees. Imagine Stayin' Alive. Let us begin!

Yep - King Uke has legs... and sexy marching ones at that! ;-)

"Two nations divided by a common language"

A lot of the fun of going to places like America is spotting different takes on similar problems. It's almost as if Americans think in a different way to Brits ;-)

Take these two inventions. I'm not saying that they're better or worse than what I'm used to... just different.

Apologies for not hiding my brassiere before snapping above :-O

I do have quite a few photos of vintage cars and the likes which I've decided I'm not going to share with you (right now). Instead, here's a little bit of excitement we had in South Lake Tahoe. First thoughts when seeing a fire engine is: FIRE! Thankfully, this time it was a false alarm. 

I played all manner of crazy golf with the kids whilst we were on holiday. You wouldn't believe the number of arguments and falling out that this little game caused! The Ukes are such bad losers! Above is the course at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno. This course is like a little oasis of green in a desert of parking lots. I spotted a raggedy old squirrel that makes its home here amongst the manicured conifers. It looked half mad with the fur on its back falling out. I'm sure that this would make the basis for a great Disney film. You saw it here first!

Below is a rather scary sight I saw at Magic Carpet Golf in South Lake Tahoe. I'm sure you'll agree: this is a rather unfortunate placement of the tail. Perhaps it's just the lighting that's wrong? To make matters worse: He's actually swinging it!

I posted the picture above on Google+ and asked if anyone knew what it was. I'd stumbled across it as I was pottering about at the top of Squaw Valley. At first sight from a distance it looked like some sort of weather instrument, or maybe a mountain goat feeding trough?

Actually, this is the 18th hole on a Disc Golf course! I came across at least 3 Disc Golf courses in Tahoe and I never saw a single person playing. I'm told that it is a "stoner" game. Have they simply forgotten all about it?

I tried to convince the kids to have a go, but my words fell on deaf ears. After all the fun of crazy golf, there was no appetite for more argument and fighting. Shame that, because I reckon I could have beaten them! ;-)

This next set of pictures is a bit odd, but I like it. There is a deep, deep message here if only I was clever enough to recognise it! The theme is "broken-ocular".

I spotted some broken glasses at the side of the road and took a picture of them. It started with 1 picture, but it wasn't long until I had 2. Before I knew it, I had 4! Ha ha. Aren't they great!

"I realised I'd never kissed a man sober"

Funnily enough, either have I.

See the t-shirt below. Does anyone remember "Facebook?" If memory serves me right, I'm sure that it had something to do with the Internet, but I
just can't remember.

I'm on Facebook :-)

This is more like it! The above shot is of the paddle on the MS Dixie II. It looks like we were going really fast, but this is simply a "trick of the gif".

And what do you think of the wonderful landscape below? Look at the jet-skis. I fancied a go on these, but it never happened.

Talking of water-sports. I just happened to sit down and take a breather in the new Heavenly Village. I say "new"... I've actually no idea when it was built. It certainly wasn't there 16 years ago. I seem to remember having to take a back-road up behind Raley's to get to the cable-cars. Now there's this little shopping block and the cable-cars come right down to the main street. As I sat on the bench admiring the fountain I started to get the feeling that someone was having some fun with me...

Shopping is an inevitable part of any holiday involving my family. I'm not against it, but I did spend quite a bit of time sitting outside the shops watching the world pass me by. I love people-watching. In fact, I'll watch anything given the right circumstances ;-)

I was keen to get my own little memento from this holiday to bring back with me. I would have loved it to have been a new ukulele, but you already know that this didn't happen. Perhaps a tea-towel? I bought a Reno tea-towel. Look what I discovered when I opened the package...

Ha ha, yep... that's no tea-towel! It's a bloody apron! I haven't worn it in anger yet. I'll pick my moment ;-)

In addition to the apron, here are some of the other mementos I ended up collecting on my travels: A Reno miniature guitar; a Tiki-head vase; and a tequila flavoured lolly complete with mummified worm. Not a bad haul!

With America's inability to connect up International and Domestic flights it turned out that I had many, many hours to burn in San Francisco. I nervously dragged the family onto a train and we headed downtown to see if we could spot any of the America's Cup action. We made it as far as the Village, got harassed by a vagabond, ate a Subway and headed back to be fondled by Security. I didn't catch any of the racing but there were quite a few people knocking about in Team NZ tops. At this stage of the proceedings, Team NZ were still making their way through the Louis Vuitton Cup.

I might be going out on a limb here, but I predict that Team NZ are going to win! This will be a huge boost to NZ if they do. A lot of Auckland's Viaduct Harbour was refurbished the last time that it was held in NZ. Only good can come from this.

Go Team NZ!

Here's the last holiday snap I'm going to share with you. How sad! Does this mean that the holiday is finally over? Boo!

To most, this is simply a sign on a pole. To me, it is a fantastic study in textures. Yeah... I'll stop now... ha ha. 

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