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27 October 2013

The Desert Song (2013)

The Golden Scarab EP is finished! I seal the deal with a moody, stuttering instrumental straight out of the desert.

"Count these"

I'm feeling a bit rebellious... Dangerous to know ;-)

If you've been around longer than five minutes, you'll realise that I'm a cowboy. I've been a cowboy all my life. Deep down I've always known this to be true. Of late, I've been capturing some of what being a cowboy means to me using the medium of music. It's been great fun. Today marks the end of the second EP. Let me share a few rambling thoughts with you...

The Golden Scarab EP represents a journey; It is a tale of self-discovery, a tale of the human condition. It's perhaps not as cohesive and rounded a story as I presented in the Wanted EP, but I still think that it has a pertinent message. The challenge for you is to figure out what the message is.

Golden Scarab begins where Wanted ended. All is not well. "Save My Soul" talks about escape and flight. Our hero is on the move. He is at a low ebb and doesn't know where he is heading. Do any of us? We join the broken desperado as he rides into the wilderness, the spectre of self-doubt overshadowing him.

"Stay" is a love song. It is a tale of loss. Our hero has reached the end of the trail. In one last act he severs all ties with his past. In an ambiguous almost mystical moment we see the maddened cowboy freeing his appaloosa to run wild with the other horses of the desert. This vision is then followed by a shot of him standing over his dead steed, smoking gun in hand.

The final tune is a reawakening called "The Desert Song". It is the defiant dawn after the night storm when you wake with bleary eyes, the sound of buzzards overhead. I recorded most of the music for this as a demo that looked like it might never be finished. I wanted to write some words to it. Many months later with a clear head, I realise that it was already finished. There are times when words are not enough... where something more visceral is needed.


When you've figured out what it all means... please can you let me know ;-)

Now for a couple of random things...

I love this picture of me and Ta-Le Uke. Perhaps this is a hint at where my next musical venture should take me?

"A saddlebag of songs"

Here's something I spotted on my travels last week. Ever heard of Peter Caulton? He looks like he might be a cowboy too, though I reckon he might be a different sort of cowboy to me. ;-)

"Songs for the Swingin' Sellers"

I love this cowboy-influenced record sleeve I saw a couple of weeks ago. Are the songs so bad that they make you want to commit suicide? :-O

Check this song out by The Alan Parsons Project. It was the image of "the turn of a friendly card" stained glass window that first grabbed my attention with its King motif. Clicking on it, I then realised that the song was called "The Gold Bug". Hmmm. The first half of this song has a wonderful cowboy feel to it.

I spotted this picture earlier in the week. Yes! We have another Bandito in the house! This is Aldrine Guerrero's ukulele take on the the cowboy genre. Brother!

I haven't heard much by Aldrine, but check out this wonderful little teaser...


  1. Beautiful! Your music is amazing!!

  2. Thank you Pancho. I have you to thank for this inspiration!

  3. I have "The Turn of a Friendly Card" CD and my next post was going to be on a deck of unique playing cards that I got from the 'Boomerang' festival.

  4. Ah! Can't wait to read this Daz. Don't play your joker!