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30 November 2013

Highwayman (2013)

In my last post I announced the completion of my Grand Poobah Ukulele Build. I can't believe that I finally got to the end of it. It turned into a real labour of love. I'm still enjoying putting the Poobah through its paces. I promise you that I'll do a tune on it sometime soon so that you can have a listen to it.

Man belongs to the Earth - Earth does not belong to Man

This is an adaptation of a meme I saw flying about the interwebs this morning. Somehow it seems to fit with my current state of mind.

24 November 2013

Grand Poobah - Bridge or Bust!

The journey is drawing to an end. I'm down to the final steps in my Grand Poobah Ukulele Build. My challenge has been to build and fit a bridge. Could I do it? Let's find out...

My plans call for a fancy hand-made bridge. I decided that it needed to be ebony to match the fretboard. See here that I've cut an offcut from my fretboard into three bridge-sized blocks. In much the same way as I've fashioned the body out of all sorts of odd bits of wood glued together, I'll be doing the same with the bridge.

12 November 2013

The Poobah Sings!

Time for another update in the Grand Poobah ukulele build. Sorry for the delayed write-up, but I've been ill. Boo!

The project is drawing to the end, but bloody hell... it's not getting any easier! The past week has been a real battle. I think I'm winning, but my patience is really being tested. Unfortunately, most of my troubles have been of my own making. Damn! Let me explain...

I bought some ebony to make a fretboard and bridge. Here you can see the fretboard blank I made resting on the ukulele neck. It was pretty easy to shape. The nut is a plastic one I bought. I got lucky and ended up with a blank that was pretty much the right depth without anything more than a bit of light sanding. The gap between the surface of the fretboard and grooves in the nut is about the distance of a zero fret.

5 November 2013

Marking the Poobah

It's time for another update on my Grand Poobah ukulele build! Hooray! This one's completely theoretical... Yep, I've done no building whatsoever! How on earth am I going to manage this? Just watch me...

I've been letting my imagination run riot as I've been considering options for fret markers on the Grand Poobah. Wouldn't scarab markers be cool! Try as I might, I haven't been able to find any small enough. Damn!

4 November 2013

Winter is Coming

I've been up north to Northumberland for a sneaky weekend break. I've got lots of photos to show you and a couple of stories to tell. Better get on with it!

Above is the crest of the Duke of Northumberland. I'm going to go out on a limb and call it the "waxing crescent" phase of the moon, but it all depends upon which hemisphere you're in as to whether it's waxing or waning.

This is my crest too! Only mine's the other way around...