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30 November 2013

Highwayman (2013)

In my last post I announced the completion of my Grand Poobah Ukulele Build. I can't believe that I finally got to the end of it. It turned into a real labour of love. I'm still enjoying putting the Poobah through its paces. I promise you that I'll do a tune on it sometime soon so that you can have a listen to it.

Man belongs to the Earth - Earth does not belong to Man

This is an adaptation of a meme I saw flying about the interwebs this morning. Somehow it seems to fit with my current state of mind.

At the bottom of that post I shared a video with you of the Highwaymen playing their signature tune "Highwayman". I only heard this song quite recently and it's cast quite a spell over me. So much so that I felt inspired to have a go at playing it myself. You can see the video here...

Highwayman was written by songwriting powerhouse Jimmy Webb. Legend has it that the song was inspired by a dream Jimmy had:

"I had a black cape and pistols, and I was definitely a bandit. A highwayman, as it were. I was being chased within an inch of my life by these grenadiers on horseback, and I knew for a fact that if they caught me, they were going to kill me."

Guess who was playing the Yukon Bar last night? Yep... Ukulele Russ. Here's the picture he posted. I love the Yukon Bar sign. She looks like one mean cowgirl. Talking of cowgirls, I've been busy trying to find a cowgirl to do a duet with me and I reckon I might just have got lucky! Watch this space for an update sometime soon!

Do you remember a little bit of fun I had a while back where I revealed a new discovery on YouTube? I'd been listening to some videos by the Harp Twins, Camille and Kennerly. I was a little bit cheeky and put together the above picture as I imagined myself doing a musical collaboration with the talented harpists.

Well, would you believe this when I tell you that they only bloody caught me this week! I seem to have caused a bit of a stir on their facebook page. Thankfully, the girls haven't done any karate on me and have taken my little prank in the spirit it was intended. If you don't know, the gentleman in the picture is none other than Morrissey. I joked with C&K that Morrissey might not be so forgiving when he finds out what I've been up to. They suggested that I play him the following to pacify him. Let's see if it works. (BTW I love the redwoods in this video. I would love to visit this place.)

I want to ask the Harp Twins all sorts of Harp questions. Perhaps I could do a post on them! Ha ha. Better not... I'll just end up in more trouble no doubt ;-)

I was very pleased to stumble across this video in their extensive back catalogue. Cowgirls with harps! It doesn't get much better than this!

Update 4-Dec-2012: This was good timing. The girls have just released a CD in time for Christmas. Get it now!

Go West, young man...

I can't seem to turn around at the moment without bumping into cowboys.

10 points if you can name this blue cowboy. 

I talked about H P Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" some time back. Check out this animated version of the story.

One last thing before I close this post off...

Imagine Batman, the Joker, Alien and Predator all rolled into one. This little film is incredibly well made. I know I'm not the only person wondering what happens next. My theory is that it involves dinosaurs.

Remember the picture below that I shopped of the Dark Uke? I was pondering what my next ukulele build might be and somehow Batman made it into my consciousness. As has been well documented, I eventually opted for Sharkfin rather than Batwing. I don't know why, but this picture has been turning up all over the place on Facebook this past month.

Okay... just one last thing. Talking of bats...

Isn't this picture fantastic! It's from the Austin Ukulele Society.

They've done a print run of t-shirts with this on the front. WANT! I've been in touch with Jen of AUS to see if I can get my hands on one, but so far no luck :-(

I'll keep working on it ;-)


  1. There is nothing like being a highway man in the west. It calls to you... The road.

  2. I couldn't agree more my anonymous friend. I'm falling more and more under this spell! I think all hope is lost!