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24 December 2013

Lullaby of Christmas Eve (2013)

I really didn't want to break my tradition of producing a Christmas song in time for Christmas day. I thought I'd left it too late this year, but what do you know... I pulled it out of the bag with hours to spare! Ha ha. Not bad considering that that I only started trying to think up a tune this morning. I had it written and recorded in less than 4 hours. Perhaps I'd have done a better job if I'd taken my time over it ;-)

Do you recognise this picture? Oh Santa! You're not a cowboy! 

Before we go getting all Christmassy, let's first wander a little down memory lane. I've been enchanted once again by the magic that is "Outlaw". You may remember the second song on the Wanted EP I produced with El Pancho. It's a favourite of mine. I love the story it tells. The following Sin-Cityesque artwork was inspired by some of the lyrics.

"Hey Gringo! They say you killed a man..." 

"Hope, has now departed..." 

"For the Apache, the sun is a symbol of hope..."

Ha ha! What a cheery way to celebrate the onslaught of Christmas! I wouldn't be surprised if this last picture doesn't become an underground Christmas card smash hit!

This is Outlaw... the sub-version. This isn't what I played on the EP; I've adapted it so that I can play it on a single guitar. I even had a go at singing the choruses in Italian. I am sooo sorry El Pancho if the words make no sense at all. And it's not much of a video. I had to lean in close to the mic for the verses and as a result, you can't see much of anything really. Oh well!

"It wasn't until I had been properly enlightened in the occult arts by the mystic Cheemuzwa Indians that I had reached my true potential..."

This could have been my story! 

Ha ha! This made me chuckle. Put some pants on Dr Manhattan! 

I love this graphic I saw floating about Google+ earlier this week. Check out the crown placement. Isn't it great! It's a bit like mine ;-) I found this after I'd been learning about Krampus and it struck a chord with me.

"Krampus is a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish children during the Christmas season who had misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards well-behaved ones with gifts. Krampus is said to capture particularly naughty children in his sack and carry them away to his lair." ~ Wikipedia

I had every intention of making this year's Christmas song be about Krampus, but it never happened. Maybe next year? ;-)

Finally! Here's this year's Christmas song for you. It's a bit rough and ready. I didn't have time to finesse it. As the name suggests... it's a lullaby. You have one acoustic guitar, one sharkfin ukulele, one bass, and me crooning. Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas King.
    I think I've got some mileage out of that Satan cartoon of yours over on Facebook.Glad you squeezed that Xmas song in on time,all the kiddies of the world were relying on it and you came through just like a superhero would,instead of hanging around getting nowhere before the Christmas deadline .-)

  2. One for the children! I missed that Facebook post... :-O

  3. Silly me.Those posts were in the 'Kitchen Sync" FB group,and you're not a member,so of course you wouldn't have seen them.Ask your friend Andy M about them,as he is a member of the group.I would let you in but I don't think Andy likes you that much.He seems to be jealous of your uke playing abilities,probably because he doesn't play one.If you ask he nicely he might let you into the sync ?