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6 February 2014

Hologram Earth - Systematic Disorder

Do you remember a post I wrote some time back about a Progressive Metal band called Hologram Earth? I really did have a lot of fun reviewing their debut EP. It is simply outstanding and remains one of my all-time favourite ways of scaring the children (that, and parading about the house in my Highwayman outfit). Ha ha. All of that last sentence is true!

Look at this fan-art I've produced to celebrate frontman Michiel Meurs. In their new single we see a softer, more cuddly side to Holland's son of Satan.

Hologram Earth have been busy. They've only gone and released a new single called Systematic Disorder. It's a beaut! More on this soon. First. Let's take a quick sprint down memory lane...

Hologram Earth have been concentrating on gigging recently. This video is of the band playing live at Kabaal Am Gemaal in Wageningen in the summer of last year. I'm told that they're working on tightening up their live set. Sounds pretty tight to me already. Better still though is news that there is another single in the works with the promise of an album to follow. YES! I for one can't wait!

Before I go too much further, I'd better give you a link to the Hologram Earth website where you can go and buy the new single. Here's what you've got in store...

This is the video of Systematic Disorder. The boys produced it themselves. Drummer Luuk van der Velden did the animation and guitarist Steven Hulshof edited it all together. I seem to remember praising the talent of these young men in my last post. Is there nothing they can't do?

I urge you all to go and buy the single right now!

Oh yes... there's merchandise on offer too! Look what I got myself! 

Wait for it...
Wait for it...

This is a live recording of Systematic Disorder. Sadly it misses the Muse-like crooning choruses of the studio version, but I reckon that it still works. I love that the guys are experimenting. I have offered to sing this bit for them when they play live and the good news is that they've accepted. I think they've realised that they're never going to break the big time without getting at least one cowboy in the band. I reckon I could be that cowboy! Ha ha.

Here's a snippet of trivia for you... Luuk tells me that the single was mastered at 4D Sounds in Brighton. Yep, there's an English connection. I never did find out how that came about but it probably involved guns. :-S

Isn't this a great photo! Michiel has dropped his keys and Thomas Cochrane is kindly helping him to find them. ;-)

I end with this... I made a prediction many months ago that the new single would be called "Snail" and that the CD cover would feature a snail-man on the front. Seems I was wrong... :-(

Perhaps the second single?

That's your lot. In all seriousness: Go out and buy the single.

I haven't done a Triple-B rating in the longest time, but I'm not going to let this stop me... On the Triple-B, I'm going to dust off my Ibanez RG9 9-string prototype and jam with Hologram Earth. BUY, BUY, BUY!

(Ibanez RG9 photo courtesy of iheartguitarblog)

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