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17 August 2014

Till Death Do Us Part

I know that I said I wouldn't do any more comic-making, but a week away without wifi left me with a bit more time on my hands than I'd bargained for. Ha ha. I started storyboarding and before I knew it, I had the entire story for the third book mapped out! Would you believe it!

The cover to "Dead Hand" gives a hint of what is to come...

but only a hint ;-)

You can download the first two comics for free from pretty much everywhere, but here's the link for Lulu. I've been hoping for some reviews to start popping up, but not much has been forthcoming. Although downloads have been good, not many have seen fit to comment. That's not a good sign is it :-(

I'm hoping for a polarised 1 or 5. Ricardo Staudt has started the ball rolling on Lulu with a fun review of Bad Moon. Thank you Ricardo! Will you be next?

Just like my banjo build, my music-making has also been suffering of late. I'm enjoying the summer and everything else needs to fit in around the edges. Here is a tune that I was experimenting with the other day. This is me pushing desert banjo to the absolute limits. I hope to turn it into a full song at some point, but who knows if I'll ever come back to it.

The last comic in the trilogy will be called "Dead Hand" and concludes the tale set up in the previous two books. I hope that I will be able to raise the bar again in terms of artwork and story-telling, but time will tell on both fronts. Here is the first chapter for you. All the artwork is draft and subject to change. There are already a couple of pages that I know I want to rework.


  1. I do like the style of your comics. There is a strong atmosphere that draws me in. In terms of the story, I'm a big fan of Brian Michael Bendis with his extremely dense text so for me it's a bit sparse. Maybe combining your minimalist style with other more wordy sections would provide some welcome contrast. Still love the black and white visuals though.

  2. Thanks for the feedback evl. This chapter is quite wordy for me ;-) Usually, I don't give as many hints as to what is going on as I've done here. Ha ha. Lots more pictures and words to come! I think you've hit the nail on the head with the "minimalist style" comment. I hadn't thought about it in that way before. Little words.... big story. I think you've got something here!

    I don't know Brian Michael Bendis. What would you recommend I should check out to get the feel for him?

    1. His run on Daredevil is my favourite, the artwork by Alex Maleev is excellent too:

    2. On order! Thanks for the tip!