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20 September 2014

Battle Royale

If I thought that Chapter 3 had been produced in super-fast time, then Chapter 4 has smashed it right out of the park! Here it is. I've certainly rushed the pages out and I think it adds a certain urgency to the mood... which is exactly what the story needs at this point. There's only one more chapter to go. I really hope that I can pull off the ending. We'll just have to wait and see! ;-)

If you want to jump back to the start of this book then here are a few links to guide your way:

Chapter 1 - Till Death Do Us Part
Chapter 2 - El Malparido
Chapter 3 - The Hunt

Introducing: Battle Royale...

15 September 2014

The Hunt

I'm pleased to announce that I've drawn up chapter 3 of the new "Dead Hand" comic. I present to you "The Hunt", a tale of brooding maleficence. This was storyboarded a couple of months ago and I see now a small sync with a recent post I wrote about "The Hunter". What is it with all this hunting I wonder?

I've had a lot of fun pulling this one together and quite by accident, I've done it in record time. Things are coming together nicely both in terms of overall plot and artwork. I haven't been afraid to mix it up here and there so hopefully this will keep things interesting for you. As always I'll add the disclaimer that these are the drafts and they may need to change ;-)

I reckon that this is my favourite chapter so far!

Give me your feedback good or bad; You know that it is always very much appreciated.


10 September 2014

El Malparido

Oh, what a lot of fun I'm having at the moment! I'm reading comics like they're going out of fashion. Go and check out some of my recent posts if you want to get a hint of what I'm reading and my thoughts on them.

I noticed yesterday that August has been a huge month for downloads of my free comic "Bad Moon". I've only mustered a couple of reviews to date, but what's been written has been great! I'm waiting for the bomb-blast review to happen... it's only a matter of time! Ha ha. Grab your tin hats!

Today's post is chapter 2 in the third comic. Is this all making sense yet?

Oh, one thing before I show you the chapter...

I was honoured a couple of months ago when UKUkee published an interview he did with me on his blog. I remember this being pulled together at the end of the longest hardest day at the end of the longest hardest week. I was sooo tired! Thanks to UKUkee magic, it all turned out pretty well! Be sure to go read the interview and drop UKUkee a comment. Warning: the interview has nothing to do with comics... and everything to do with making ukuleles! Thank you UKUKee! I'm not worthy!

6 September 2014

Electric Ant (2011)

The quest for comic perfection continues! My mission to uncover immaculate storytelling has taken me to the darkest corners of the publishing world and I'm still sharing my thoughts with you on this blog. Yay!

Things are starting to tie themselves in knots like some sort of mutant Moebius loop. It was only in rereading my last post on "I Am Legend" that I realised that the Steven Niles responsible for the script adaptation is none other than the very same Steven Niles responsible for "30 Days of Night". The pieces of the jigsaw are beginning to slot together! I see honing of craft. I see practice through execution. I see obsession. I see the path to enlightenment and success!

 Imagine my surprise when I then realised that the David Mack responsible for scripting the 2011 graphic novel "Electric Ant" is the same David Mack responsible for Kabuki.


It's true I tell you!

Today's post dusts off a comic I'd almost forgotten that I'd read. It was the Philip Dick connection that made me do it.

1 September 2014

I Am Legend (1991)

It should come as no surprise to learn that I'm in the eye of of a comic-reading hurricane. In the space of mere hours I've posted my thoughts on subjects as diverse as space exploration, Japanese organised crime and vampires. Can it only have been hours since I last talked about vampires? Ha ha. You'll be pleased to learn that I have more vampires to talk about!

For those with an incredibly short attention span (you know who you are!), I'll remind you that I am on a quest to discover that magic Ingredient X that turns a good comic into an excellent comic. I want to know what witchcraft results in a "classic" graphic novel. Are there rules that need to be followed? What might they be? By studying the works of experts in the field I hope to answer these questions and more, gaining insight and perhaps if I'm lucky, nirvana. Or... I might just have fun reading comics and learn nothing! Both are fine. ;-)

Today's post is a return to one of my all time favourite stories: "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson. Only there's a twist. This version has been turned into a comic by Steve Niles (story adaptation) and Elman Brown (artwork). How can this be, and does it work? Let's find out...

30 Days of Night - Volume 1 (2013)

Regular readers of this blog will know that I'm on a comic-reading spree in search of artistic Zen. Yes, I'm trying to broaden my horizons and gain insights into life through reading comics. Foremost though, I'm hoping to have a bit of fun along the way! Over the past month or so I've been picking up graphic novels left right and centre. As you can imagine, Mrs Uke is absolutely over the moon with my new hobby! ;-)

I promised to post you a few reviews on this blog and so far I've been true to my word. Even the crap comics have lessons to teach. Looking back, I seem to be gushing and ranting in equal measure. Ha ha. What fun!

One thing that's definitely gone in my favour has been how easy and relatively cost effective it has been to pick up omnibus editions of compete stories. Having never even been aware of some of the comics I've been looking at, I've been lucky enough to be able to start right back at the beginning. Today's review is one of these omnibus editions.

The "30 Days of Night" omnibus was written by Steve Niles with artwork by Ben Templesmith. I have Volume 1 which was published in 2013 containing the stories: 30 Days of Night; Dark Days; and Return to Barrow.

The High Ways (2013)

I discovered John Byrne about a year ago and I'd go as far as to say that he's one of the driving forces behind helping me to rekindle my love of comics. I read comics in my youth (the usual kid's fare which ultimately progressed onto 2000AD), but then somewhere in my teens the urge left me. Was it a lack of money? Had I outgrown them? Perhaps I simply needed a break? Some 20+ years later I find myself hooked again and I've got a lot of catching up to do!

A lot has happened inside the world of comics since I last dabbled. I've been loving learning all about the new authors and books. Having realised a lifelong ambition earlier this year when I published a couple of my own comics, I've just recently "invested" in a pile of new ones to try out. I want to expand my horizons and see how the masters do it. Perhaps if I'm lucky, I might even learn something about the art of making comics in the process! ;-)

I promised in my last post that I'd share some of my thoughts with you as I wade through "the pile". Today's blog covers the 2013 graphic novel by John Byrne called "The High Ways".