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2 September 2014

The Hunter (1863)

The Hunter

He carried no gun
This soft-spoken religious man
And I was brave and foolish, knowing no better
With a coward's hiss I mocked him

"What you gonna do? Beat me to death with your Bible?"

I never saw him sleep
At night he would light a fire
And I would watch from afar
I could see him dance and hear him sing
Haunting melodies in a strange tongue
That nibbled away at my resolve

Promising to hang my body from the silver pines
He chased me high into the Sierras
Nothing slowed his pace
Neither weather, nor natural obstacle swayed him

Once I swear I saw him converse with the wolves
He was at one with this cruel and inhospitable land
I knew then that this was his home
And I would forever be the visitor

"I am the mouse that runs from the eagle."

I hid in the foothills at Kelsey Diggins
With the men who work the mines
They were well-versed in keeping secrets,
But not from him
When winter came, they fled for safety
Leaving me to await my fate

With Mackinaw to keep him warm
Face black with coal he came
Onwards, ever onwards
Nothing but his wits to guide him
His step was true, and I knew
He had vowed to hunt me down

"Take my soul... I am ready."

~ King Uke 1863

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