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22 November 2014

Complete Zombies vs. Robots

Tonight I'm back on the comic trail with a very quick review. The comic I bought was IDW's 2009 compilation comic called ZOMNIBUS, but I'm only going to talk about one bit: the outstanding Complete Zombies vs. Robots.

ZOMNIBUS is a compilation of 3 parts:

Zombies!: Feast by Shane McCarthy, Chris Bolton and Enrique Lopez Lorenzana - a so-so zombie apocalypse story.

Zombies!: Eclipse of the Dead by El Torres and Yair Herrera - another so-so zombie apocalypse story

Complete Zombies vs. Robots by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood 

What a find! Complete Zombies vs. Robots makes up the second half of this mighty tome. I'll admit that I wan't expecting a great deal from this read and having waded through the first half I was feeling a little battle-worn. Thankfully things were about to change for the better.

 See the picture above. The first thing that hit me was the outstanding artwork. Ashley Wood is a genius! There's a real mixture of styles, but predominantly there is some wonderful black inkwork overlayed with stark shading. I love the frenetic drawing. But as messy as the lines get on some of the pages, Wood seems always to be in control. This is Art with a capital A.

The story isn't what I was expecting either. I guess I had in my head some sort of nonsense like the Plants versus Zombies game. Actually, I know nothing about that game and it might be really good, but I can't imagine any sort of compelling story behind it.

The stories in this collection are a pleasure to flick through. I don't pretend to have understood all of it, but I laughed, flinched and shook in equal parts. Actually, I'm reading it a second time now which regular readers of this blog will know doesn't happen all that often.

I won't reveal anything about the story. All I will say is that the last page is the best last page I think I have ever read. WOW! Listen to me gush! I reckon you should read it for yourself to find out what I'm talking about.

Right, I promised that this was short review and I will stay true to my word.

Do I love this comic? You know that I do. On the crippling triple-B I'm going to do nasty things with 9 Amazons. Wish me luck


  1. This sounds really good and you're right, the art looks great. Plants vs Zombies doesn't have a brilliant story (as expected) but it is a very decent tower defence game.

  2. I'm getting the feeling that it has a bit of a cult following evl. Definitely one to put on your Christmas list! I'm enjoying it as much the second time through...

  3. I've already tapped Santa for the latest Daredevil, Saga and Locke and Key so I might have to wait until after Christmas for this comic goodness. Thanks for the recommendation!