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15 November 2014

Dead but not forgotten...

I've been writing this damn blog for a long, long time and so far haven't had to resort to a "where the hell have I been" post. There's a first time for everything I guess. I can see that it's been a long while since my last update and even longer since I did anything worthwhile worth talking about.

The funny thing is: I've been really busy, but I don't seem to have a whole lot to show for it. Surely I must have been up to something? Let's see...

I've been patiently waiting for my last comic "Dead Hand" to be available in all the usual retail outlets. It seems that this comic in particular has been taking far longer than the others did to work its way through the system. At the time of writing it's been well over a month and it still hasn't hit the Amazon shelves. Pah! The other comics have now racked up 1000+ downloads!

Foolishly, I've begun work on part 4... "The Lost Man". I'm about half way through it's production and I must say that if you thought the first three were a little obtuse, then you're in for a real treat here. It's an odd mix of psychedelia and gothic horror all melded together like a cowboy's worst nightmare. I can't decide yet whether it is a work of twisted genius or complete folly. I will only know if I make it to the end. So far the ride has been great fun. Unlike previous comics, I haven't shared a great deal of the artwork on Google+, but if you go looking, you'll find most of chapter 1 and a few hints of what is in store.

I think I might have mentioned before that I "lost" my record collection many years ago. Imagine my surprise when I found it again! Here's a quick insight into the eclectic mix of dusty tunes I've been rediscovering. I've got years of work ahead of me, but favourite rediscoveries so far have been the Blue Monday 12 Inch, a 12 Inch of Dinosaur Jr's version of Just Like Heaven, and thee Don Valley and the Rotherhides EP! What ever happened to these guys?

Here's that Don Valley EP I was talking about. I loved this at the time. The recordings are rough and ready with a sort of country/rockabilly feel to the music and unmistakable 80s-inspired satirical lyrics. You'll see that the boys have been kind enough to sign this one for me. I used to have the Virginia Plain single too, but I can't find it for the life of me! Damn, I really wanted to have another listen to that too!

The ink is fading, but you might be able to spot a reference to my haircut of the time which was pure psychobilly. Ha ha! Happy days!

Here's the B-side to the Dinosaur Jr 12 inch I was talking about above. Isn't that a wonderful etching! It obviously doesn't play, but I'd forgotten all about this! Beautiful!

When I posted this picture on Google+ I got a fantastic tip from Clouddrive front-man Stephen Jedlicka on another record with more gimmicks than music.

The following video talks you through all the gimmicks on Jack White's new Lazaretto album. Bloody hell! He's taken it to the next level for sure with under-label songs (which sound rubbish ;-), crazy locked grooves, holograms and get this... dual grooves that play different versions of the same song! Check out Jack's smile... he knows this is insane...

Before I move on, I just wanted to share this lovely song with you from Stephen Jedlicka. Go give it a listen!

My musical efforts have been pretty slim pickings I'm afraid. You'll find a couple of ideas knocking about on SoundCloud, but ideas are all they are. As you have no doubt come to expect, everything has a banjo-twang to it while I work this little obsession out of my system.

I'm still holding out for that next collaboration that I'm hoping will kickstart me into some more creative work.

Work on the Highwayman Banjo has come to a halt. I've shut up shop for the winter with the project tantalisingly close to me fitting the neck to the pot. We'll have to wait a bit longer to see if I have the skills to get this thing playable.

This is the picture that made me realise that my sheet music collection has grown out of hand. The depth of my obsession makes me sick to my stomach! I've had to rebox it all so that I can hide it now that I've got my record collection back. I can tell you that this prompted a very tricky conversation with Mrs Uke. (I think I got away with it ;-) Ha ha.

It may surprise you to learn that I can't read music, but there you go... why do things have to make sense all of a sudden? I love each and every one of them.

Well, perhaps not all of them...

I'm still sneaking comics through the door when no-one's looking. Can't wait to get to the one pictured. I'm hoping for some more Prophet-like fun, but who knows what lurks under the covers. Perhaps I should do you some more reviews? I'll give it some thought.

And there you have it... You're all caught up-ish! I can't see me having the time to do much more with the blog in the short term... but never say never...


  1. I was beginning to think you were dead.
    I was about to plaster your face on the sides of milk cartons.

  2. "Foolishly, I've begun work on part 4... "The Lost Man"."
    The Lost Man ?
    That sums up your internet absence to a tee. ;-)

  3. "I was about to plaster your face on the sides of milk cartons."
    My face has been plastered on the side of worse things. I seem to remember a certain wheelie-bin incident a couple years back ;-)

    "The Lost Man". It's a play on words and an homage all wrapped up in one... the end of life as we know it.

    I tried to comment on your blog just recently, but my ipad has real problems with blogger comments and I forgot to redo it on the laptop. I saw the ring post. It sounds like you've got a lot going on at your end of the world too. I hope it all turns out for the best in the end. Good luck.