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28 December 2014

King Uke & Jed - SNEAK PEEK!

I'm pleased to give you a sneak peek of a couple of the songs that have sprung out of a musical collaboration I'm currently working on. Finally you can hear for yourself what I've been up to!

I'm really interested to get some feedback. This is where you come in! Drop me and +stephen jedlicka a comment and let us know what you think. Let's see if you can spur us on to bigger and better things!

This musical collaboration started a couple of months ago and has suffered all the usual challenges of long distance music sharing; Stephen is in the US and I'm based in the UK. The difference in timezones and busy lives has pretty much limited us to chatting via email. It's not easy to get ideas across this way, but I'm really pleased with how this is all coming together. The music style is a bit of a departure for Stephen, but he's adding a new dimension that I love. It's a real pleasure for me to work with someone with such an obvious talent. In fact, we've even talked about bringing a few more collaborators into the mix, so watch this space. Anything can happen!

So far the lyrics have been inspired by the story and mood of my comics. In fact, we seem to be telling the story of the baddie in my latest comic in production.

We haven't agreed the name we're going to use for this collaboration; "King Uke & Jed" was just something I fell into using as we've been sharing ideas. It's a working title, so it may change. Likewise, the artwork on the soundcloud songs below is just something I threw together for this post. Anything and everything can change. Give me some feedback and you could help us to make up our minds!

Gone But Not Forgotten was the first song we cut and is a scene-setter. It took a while to get to the version that's on this link but actually that was more me going round and around in ever decreasing circles rather than anything else. I added in all sorts of incidental bits which over time I took back out again. That was a real lesson in keeping things simple. I'm fortunate that Stephen is a patient man!

I have so much recorded that I've even put together a out-take version which may make the light of day some time... perhaps as a cheeky b-side! Ha ha... let's hope so! ;-)

Starry Night happened quite by accident. I'm not even sure if it should appear here. I sing this one and in comparison to Stephen's efforts I'm worrying that I'll sink the franchise! Ha ha. I was actually playing along to Gone but not Forgotten and somehow this tune appeared. It's my first and perhaps last foray into Country yodelling.

And there you have it. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Stephen for taking the time out of his busy life to work on these songs with me. Will we do more? What do you think?


  1. I think Gone but not Forgotten is the direction to head in. It's the strongest of the two despite the rather nifty chord change in Starry Night at about 1:35. The idea of bringing in other collaborators is a good idea just to add a little variety.

  2. I'm inclined to agree evl... with everything you've said! You really are an evl music genius! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I agree with the above, I absolutely love Gone but Not Forgotten, so passionate, perfect song to cross genres. The other was not at all a strong song, more a lullaby, so it depends on what mood you are trying to set, in a full story maybe that would be an ending, but it would be a weak one. Gone is a wicked strong start.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Gina. I think we might have some more fire yet in our bellies, but also some more mellow skiffle too! Ha ha.