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17 January 2015

"The Wrangler" Concept Ukulele

There's lots going on at Chez Uke at the moment. Time for an update!

I had a flash of inspiration for a custom ukulele last night. It started with  a new idea for a headstock. See above a sort of hanging "T" shape. I don't recall seeing one like it before. Is it unique? I hope so. If you know of a ukulele with something like this then please drop me a comment. As soon as I'd shared this mock-up I began wondering what the body might look like.

Partner in crime Daniel Hulbert came to the party with a couple of suggestions, but the one that captured my imagination was one he had along the lines of an idea I had been toying with myself. Daniel suggested a penrose triangle.

Of course, this would have been a bit of a challenge to make, given that it is an impossible object. But I knew what he was driving at!

Here's a mock up of a triangle-inspired body. This picture hints at a hollow-body acoustic, but Daniel is wondering whether a hole straight through to the other side would work. I think it would!

I'm also wondering whether it should have a built-in amp, but there I am jumping ahead of myself again! ;-)

I'm calling this concept design "The Wrangler". Someone needs to make it!

I've got the electronics bug! I'm trying to think of some projects to do with my boy so any suggestions greatly received. Anything music-related is a strong candidate. I've bought a couple of kits and parts for projects and I'm just waiting for things to arrive before I take the plunge.

The only problem I have is that I've never done anything like this before, so I'm really starting off from nothing. I'll share my successes and disasters on the blog for you, as and when I get there.

One thing that's put me off in the past is that I'm colour-blind. I wonder if it's going to beat me again? NEVER!

The picture above show a kit for an optical theremin. Oh yes, I can feel some sci-fi-inspired music coming! Ha ha. I do hope that I can build the bloody thing and get it to work! 

The music collaboration is moving along. I've managed to create about a thousand loose ends that all need tying up! :-D

I can't wait to share some of the songs with you. The song above is my a very talented musician called Martin Kirwan who I'm hoping will be appearing on some of the songs. Watch this space!

Did you hear me mention "loose ends" a second ago? Yeah, I can't stop myself. I'm scared to pick up my guitar at the moment because every time I do I end up writing another song. It only happened again this morning. Here's me capturing "Lonesome Grave" before I forgot it. I'm experimenting with some punk-western vocals that won't be to everyone's taste. I love the melody and I almost get the words right .

The Lost Man is in proof reading. I've finished my fourth comic. It's the biggest one so far with some of my most accomplished artwork, but I'm nervous that it will be the hardest one to understand. There is a lot of backstory that I simply don't explain and I'm now wondering whether I should perhaps do a prequel with some answers. I'll have a think about it.

Will I publish it? I'm not sure at the moment. I guess it will depend upon feedback from the people who've been kind enough to help me with the proof-reading. I've had a huge amount of fun putting it together so it would be a shame I guess not to share it with you.

I don't even want to talk about this picture. It's the closest I'm getting to breakdancing at the moment... 

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