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28 March 2015

Brian Carver Unboxing

No, no, no, this is not an unboxing of Brian Carver; This is an unboxing of the Brian Carver Banjo Kit that recently arrived in the post.

Here's the parcel that cost me a small fortune to have shipped over from the States. What a bloody customs and excise minefield! Never mind... I'm sure I've learnt my lesson. Inside is a Banjo Kit supplied by Brian Carver. Brian's made a plywood box to ship his kit in. Brilliant!

You can find more about the kit and Brian on his blog.

When I got chatting with Brian he told me that he's been building for about 10 years, selling his 99th banjo last month. His kits have been a runaway success; He sold 30 of them in 30 days! That's a lot of banjos! Brian says that he usually only makes about 10 a year. That's only about 10 more than me. ;-)

I hate politicians. Well, maybe I don't hate all politicians. I quite like the look of Joe Stead. This leaflet comes from the "old country" by way of a friend of mine.

"World peace through song"

Right on, brother Joe!

When I got talking with Brian I revealed that I'd just bought Foxfire 3 for its article on mountain banjos. Brian says that he's built a couple of banjos based upon Foxfire. I can see that the kit he's sent me tips a nod to what I've seen in the book. I've only flicked through it so far, but what I've seen excites me a lot.

My hope is to build my own version of the mountain banjo sometime, but that'll have to wait until I've finished by Highwayman banjo build. So many projects!

Finally, here's my unboxing video. The theme tune is one I knocked together and spoke about last week on a post then called "The Georgetown Jig".

Check this fantastic video out by Patrick Costello. I haven't built my banjo yet, but you can see here that Patrick's got his. He's a great speaker and I love that you get a little lesson and tune squeezed in all at the same time. Lovely.


  1. I really enjoyed the unboxing vid! Great job! Excited to see it put together

    1. Thanks for sending me the kit Brian and spending the time talking to me. I really don't know when I'm going to get to it at the moment :-S