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26 April 2015

Highwayman Banjo: Terminado!

I've finished! The build is done! Woohoo!

I had one last job to do last night before fitting it all back together...

Raise your glasses to the Highwayman Banjo! 

Bye bye "Tone Deaf Music". The last thing I had to do on my epic Highwayman Banjo build was to remove the logo on the head. Easy peasy. Out came the nail-polish remover and minutes later the head was clear. 

Here she is! Strung up and hung up!

Thankfully everything went back together as it should and it wasn't long before I was snapping strings as I set it all up again. These are the same set I've been repeatedly taking off and putting back on again. It's a miracle that they've lasted this long, but they have. ;-)

I never did make my final nut and I'm sure that there are all sorts of minor little things I'll want to do after today, but for now... this is finished!  Es completa! C'est fait! Done!

What a beauty! I just need to learn how to play it now.

You knew that I wouldn't be able to avoid giving you some sort of sound check. Here's me noodling a little bit of a tune for you. That annoying clicking might well be me tapping my foot. Apologies for that. Holding the Highwayman Banjo just makes me want to dance a jig! Ha ha!

What do you reckon then?

What am I going to do with my time now? Oh, I don't know... I guess I'll find something to do. Perhaps I need to have a go at building my impossible Tubulele design? Perhaps I should knock together my Carver mountain banjo kit? I've still got some unfinished business with my electronics projects. In all truth... there's so much I want to do and way too little time.

If you're interested in walking through the Highwayman Banjo build then you can follow this link to all the detail. What a journey! I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have...

Here's an interesting picture from a comic I helped to fund on Kickstarter called The Samurai Slasher. I just received the pdf and can't wait for the comic itself to arrive. Well done to Mike Garley and the team... this is looking like a cracker!

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