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9 May 2015

Dreaming of Mountain Banjos & Murder

What's in a number? This happens to be my 500th blog post. I don't want to even think about all the hours I've frittered away writing nonsense for you. Am I just wasting my time, or will I eventually find that bloody Golden Scarab? We'll just have to wait and see.

After what was a cracking start to the year, I'm finding myself short on time and in a bit of a lull. It's not that I'm being lazy... more that I simply haven't got much to share with you.

I was doing a little bit of banjo dreaming earlier in the week when I mocked up this design for a fretless mountain banjo. I'm calling it the "murder banjer".

I would love to make it, but I haven't got the energy for another build just yet 

Plate 119 from Foxfire 3

Isn't this a great picture! I came across it whilst researching my mountain banjo design.

I think I mentioned that I'd begun storyboarding a new comic. I started, not thinking that I would get very far with it. Actually, it's about all I've been doing of late; I'm 3 chapters in with 2 to go. I'm having loads of fun! Ha ha.

I don't have a name for the comic yet, but here's me taking a shot at some cover art. What do you reckon? Would you like to see a 5th installment in the Bad Moon series?

I love this picture. It accompanies a Radio Show called Intangible 23 that features one of mine and Pancho's songs. Go check it out. And when you've done that, here's a reminder of El Pancho and some detail on what he's up to at the moment. I wonder if he'd be up for doing another tune sometime? Ooo... wouldn't that be something!

Talking of Music... I'd almost forgotten this little tune I penned just recently. I've been pretty lax with my recent collaboration. I really need to pull my finger out and gee up the boys. If you're lucky I'll be posting a polished version of Time and Tide tomorrow.

Until then you'll have to make do with the video above.

Okay... one more for song for you. This is courtesy of Jay Bailey and is an electric ukulele tribute to the music of James Bond. I like it A LOT. This is something that I've though of doing a number of times myself, but I certainly wouldn't have managed to pull it off the way that Jay has. Well done. I'm getting the feeling that Jay is on a ukulele experimental mission, so keep an eye on his soundcloud channel.

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