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25 July 2015

"Damned" is published!

I've a confession to make: I published my new comic yesterday by mistake. Ha ha. Oh dear! To be fair, I reckon I was pretty close to signing it off anyway. Publish and be damned!

"Damned" marks the 5th installment of the Bad Moon saga.

All of the comics are available in all the usual eBook outlets for free. Damned can be found on Lulu right now, and I'm sure it will be available from the other outlets within a month or so.

If you get the chance to read any of my comics, please drop me a comment or a review; I love to hear feedback,.. good or bad. 

If you've only just stumbled across my comics then it would probably be a good time to reveal that there are earlier comics in the series. Things will probably make a lot more sense if you read them in order but I'll let you decide how you want to tackle this. You can find out more about the projects on the links below:

#1 Bad Moon

#2 The Black Pirate

#3 Dead Hand

#4 The Lost Man

#5 Damned

Unlike with the earlier comics, I've kept most of the work in progress to myself. I haven't shared much of the artwork and I only revealed an early outline of the story to one person. What a secretive sole I've become in my old age! Ha ha.

I want to surprise you and this seemed like the simplest way to do it.

To make things complicated for myself the "Damned" story is a prequel to "The Lost Man". "How's that going to work?" I hear you cry. Well, yes, it was a bit of a challenge, but one I relished every second of.

I had most of the story in my head before I sat down to write this comic. The challenge was to squeeze into one comic in an order that made sense. Did I succeed? Let me know.

It's no secret that music is as much a part of my comic-making process as the artwork. I've used music to inspire me since the opening pages of "Bad Moon". A song can set a mood; A well-written lyric can reveal an idea in seconds. I love the simplicity of the art-form and it's this same minimalist simplicity that I hope I'm bringing to my comics.

I've collaborated with various different talented individuals to help bring the music to life. El Pancho started the ball rolling with the Wanted EP. The song above was picked up and polished off by Martin Kirwan who I was lucky enough to meet in person a couple of months ago. The song below was given both barrels and sent packing across the prairie by the wonderful Stephen Jedlicka. I really have been lucky! Thanks guys.

This song grew out of "The Lost Man" and inspired "Damned". I've said before that it puts in my mind a picture of a flea-bitten prospector bouncing across the desert on his burro. I love it! Yee haw!

If you've read the earlier comics, then you'll have a fairly good idea of what to expect from "Damned", but I think you'll be surprised by a few changes I've made for this particular comic.

I've already mentioned that it is a prequel, but also it is the first comic where the stars play second fiddle and are almost relegated to cameo appearances. Watch me as I bend space-time. Ha ha.

To my thinking, the story is one of my better ones. The artwork is also pretty ambitious. I story-boarded the whole comic before drawing up a single page. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull it off... but I eventually made it to the end! Wow! What an ordeal! I feel like I have run a marathon.

Let me finish this post by thanking everyone who helped me to get this project in the bag. I honestly don't know if I will do any more comics, but you can certainly help to tip the balance with a little encouragement. I do have an idea for book 6 spinning about my head, but I'm flat out of energy at the moment.

I hope you've enjoyed the trip so far...

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